Re: Controlling FDM-SW2 over Internet-Question about Team viewer

Otso Ylönen

I have used my free version of TeamViewer during most of the days last week. My impression that the 1h timeout kills an idle session but if you are active, it stays on much longer. From past experience I know there is a timeout after a few hours that happens even if you are actively using the connection. The tests I have made now are between Windows 10 and Xubuntu machines. Other than those, I have TeamViewer on a MacBookPro, a Windows Phone and an iPhone.
The Windows PC and OSX versions of TeamViewer support audio, others do not. Currently, audio seems to work fine but there has been versions of TeamViewer in the past years that have not allowed the remote machine to start an audio streaming session. 
BR, Otso
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Von: "Steve St Denis" <slstdenis@...>
Betreff: Re: VS: [EladSDR] Controlling FDM-SW2 over Internet-Question about Team viewer

On 2018-01-18 2:10 PM, Michael Boudreaux wrote:
Hi Steve,
could you provide a link where you downloaded it from please? I will delete mine and reinstall it . I will try to make screen captures of my free version. It happens after 1 hour of use then I can only use it 24 hours later. Odd behavior. It only happens if your session lasts more than 1 hour. 73 Mike VK3XZ

On 19/01/2018 04:04, Steve St Denis wrote:

I use FREE teamview 12 and there is no note or time restriction


On 2018-01-18 4:14 AM, Otso Ylönen wrote:


I use the free one. I have not seen such a note and I think the timeout is longer than an hour.I will test and report back.




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Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] Controlling FDM-SW2 over Internet-Question about Team viewer


Hi Dave,
How do you use FREE Team viewer. After 1 hour of use it says on the Free version " This is unfair to use you should pay for it" then it stops working. Is there something I am overlooking or is 1 hour the limit for a free Team view session. Just trying to work this out it is a noce program. I have not been able to find the cost for a registered version but I have an idea it is to expensive for Hobbu use. Mike VK3XZ email: vk3xz@....,au




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