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Hi Neil,

Are you sure about v1.150 being the latest version?  I got v1.96 supplied on USB stick with my S2 just four months ago, but I've just checked my SW2 version and it's v2.01, which I downloaded from the website when I got the radio.  If you look in the  "previous_versions" folder you can see that all the earlier versions are in numerical order, so common practice (and sense) would indicate that 2.01 must be the latest version and that v 1.15 is the ancient one!  That said, the ELAD file storage system is a complete mess and most of the versions are dated July 17 2015, so it's impossible to tell which version is actually the most recent.

Given the trouble I had getting the software installed in the first place (1.96 refused to see the radio or crashed all the time, whereas 2.01 installed ok), and as v2.01 works well and is completely stable, I'm disinclined to download and attempt to install other versions to see if they are better or worse than the one I'm running (although I may try it on the wife's PC out of curiosity).


From: Neil Smith <neil@...>
Sent: Tuesday, 19 December 2017, 16:22
Subject: Re: [EladSDR] updates/upgrades

Sorry Steve, the original question in the thread was about upgrading the
DUO, so I thought you were asking about SW2 with a DUO. I guess you are
using an S2?

SW2 v1.150 is the SW2 version you need.  1.96 is *extremely* old, and it
is best to remove all of your settings by deleting the contents of
c:\users\<yourname>\ELAD\FDM-SW2 folder, then just get the upgraded
software from the 1.150 folder on

Up to you whether to use the full install pack, I would be tempted to
delete the folder above, then uninstall the existing version of SW2,
then use the full install pack. Just to be totally clear, if you don't
delete that folder, thing will go horribly wrong, even if you do an
uninstall.  If you want to be super-careful, take a backup copy of the
whole of the folder and save it somewhere just in case.  You will lose
all of your customised settings, so it would be good to make notes of
anything you have set up differently from the default.

You can find the changelog for what has been improved at

Can any other S2 users add any advice to Steve about going from 1.96 to

Neil G4DBN

On 19/12/2017 15:57, Steve St Denis wrote:
> I am running the ELAD FDM SW2, I CLICK on the SET button go to ABOUT,
> and it says I am running. Software v.1.96 and Firmware 3.0, I am
> asking if my elad SW2 is up to date and if not how do I update it.

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