Re: Sneak preview elad speaker sp-1 w pix

bill steffey NY9H

wow they forgot to tell us the good stuff.....

the speaker has a good size pwr ampl... plays loud.....
the mute button is self explanatory,,,
the right button toggles thru three EQ settings.....
flat ... tight and speech peaked ... 1-2-3

sounds good with FDM & Kx3

with a a tda 7391 chip lot of power ... a 35 watt into 4 ohm ( bridged)

ordered mine at Dayton ..... got a very early production...


At 08:03 AM 10/9/2017, you wrote:
just had this link from Martin Lynch, a sneak preview of Elad Duo_Art and new speaker. Not seen any comments on it to date, hence this posting
here goes....


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