Re: FDM-S2 no longer works after a Windows 7 Update

Bill Nollman

You tried the cascade trick which never works for me when the FM RDS goes off screen. Instead try this, move your mouse to the bottom Taskbar. Do you see FDM-SW2 running and can you hover your mouse above it and see a small icon showing the software? If so try this process below to get it back on screen. If not then pursue drivers I suppose.

Scroll down to - Get Hidden Windows Back with a Keyboard Trick




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Subject: Re: [EladSDR] FDM-S2 no longer works after a Windows 7 Update


Hi John,


FTDI chips are probably in your USB controllers, either on your MBoard or an add-on card, and it looks like Windows Update has trawled up an updated driver which may be incompatible with the ELAD driver (if it's the update that's causing the problem).  You could try checking the dates of the USB drivers in Device Manager, as they should probably all be a few years old by now - if you see one that's quite recent it may be that version which is  causing the problem, and reinstalling an older one might cure it.


Does the radio still work with other software, like SDR-Console v3, or have you only tried SW2?





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Subject: [EladSDR] FDM-S2 no longer works after a Windows 7 Update


Yesterday, Windows 7 performed an update, which included an "FTDI Chip"

update. Something I had not seen before. After this update was

installed, my Elad FDM-S2 refused to function. I used System Restore to

uninstall the FTDI update. The S2 still wouldn't function.


When I say it wouldn't function, it appeared to be working in that when

I click the icon to run the SW2 software, the small black ".... loading

...." splash screen appears, disappears after a few seconds, then

nothing! Task Manager tells me it's running, but nothing is visible.


I checked to see if I somehow accidentally ran the dual monitor option

in the Control Panel, thinking that the S2 window could be just outside

the viewing area, but it is set for just the one monitor. I also tried

cascading the open windows, but still no luck.


I then uninstalled the S2, together with the Visual C++ software,

rebooted the computer, re-installed, etc. Still the same.


I am (was) running v1.120.


Has anybody else come across this? Is there a fix? My fear is that I

will have to completely reinstall Windows in order to get the S2 working









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