Re: "blue duo" remote for FDM DUO

bill steffey NY9H

At 03:54 AM 8/16/2017, you wrote:
Hi Bill,
thanks in advance for the assistance.....

Are you using HC05 or HC06 ?
Wireless Serial 6Pin Bluetooth Transceiver Module HC-05 Master Slave+Cable TE119

they are a little bit different.
Which model of raspberry do you have ? PI 3 and PI 2 have some differences.
rasPi 3

at first i tried following the directions in the video, using AMA0.. & GPIOs..

the HC05 went into program mode.....

but never acknowledged or resoponded.,,,

then I read about the PI 3 w/ BT taking away the AMA0...

by that time I asked a friend ..( more raspi/adriono smarts ) to help

we/he followed the HB9ERD "
"Things changed a bit" ..... article,.,,,

He modified the boot txt file ...enable uart=1
fixed the core freq =250...

still no ack from the hc05,,,,,

How do you connect RP and the BT module?
on GPIO 14 & 15 trying all baud rates

How software do you use ?
cutecom from cmd line : sudo cutecom

If you give us some infos I think we are able to help you:
I've set the very first HC using a RP PI 2, and many other people used different methods,
so I'm sure that at the end we can find a solution.

Giovanni - HB9EIK
thanks again in advance ...
i REALLY want to get this working ...


did you wish to continue on the reflector , or take it off line ????? Links:

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