FDM-SW2 setup with Fldigi


Hi Group,

Would like to see if one can setup the FDM-SW2 to control the Fldigi software. And also have the Fldigi control the SW2. 

FDM-SW2 setup: Remote Ctrl:

1) What CAT Mode to use?

    a. Standard

    b. Slave

    c. VRX

2) Use Omnirig? What settings?

    a. Rig 1

    b. Rig type FT-897? // or a TS-(xxx) setting?

    c. And other tabs....Data bits, Stop bits, etc.

3) Fldigi Configure: Rig control:

    a) Use Hamlib...?

    b) Rig Yaesu FT-897 (Beta)? 

    c) And other tabs....Data bits, Stop bits, etc.

Thanks for any ideas.



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