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Otso Ylönen

Hello Guido and Elad Team,
I have had similar thoughts in my mind. I would also like to see a time scale on the playback bar. (Adjustable) Jump back/forth buttons to move the play position a certain number of seconds would also come handy.
Another related feature I miss is the capability for bookmarking when playing the files back. This way I could easily jump to interesting times and frequencies on the file. Ideally,  the bookmarks were kept in separate (xml) files and the user could save even multiple sets of bookmarks per file and load those when needed.
BR, Otso
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Hello Elad,


The FDM-SW2 software is really good, but what we are missing definitely is a better playback management. What we have now can play the IQ files and jump to the next. That's it. No way to jump back, or going to a specific time. This is often ending up in endless clicking next, next, next file. What will happen when the S3 comes on the market and files are even bigger. A lot of SDR applications are missing good play back management but shouldn’t the Elad stand out ?


I was thinking about something like this where all chained files are displayed as a time bar that could be clicked upon and shows the time when hovering the mouse.











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