Re: Laptop suggestion FDM-S2

Bill Nollman

My suggestion is to do what I did for a friend. Buy the FDM-S2. Buy a laptop at your favorite local box store that allows returns with no questions asked. Test it for a few days. The problems that I’ve seen most people run into include:

- laptop or PSU generated noise (Lenovo T410 is useless for example)

- poor hard drive specs causing 6MHz recordings to skip (internal SSD might be fine but is it enough space for recordings? At 6MHz you need 120GB/hour).

- lousy battery life (if remote DX is important to you).

- not enough USB3 ports for the SDR and any peripherals.


You might also like touchscreen. The S2 does work nicely with that!

What we’ll need for FMD-S3 and 24MHz recordings is TBD.


I already told you my recommendation for the perfect laptop W540 with options. Search the forum and you should find this discussed plenty of times. If all you want to do is listen (no record) at 1.5MHz bandwidth you can probably get away with just about any decent laptop $400 and up.




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I don't have a laptop, nor a tablet.  I don't want to use my desktop and want something portable that will handle whatever the Elad will throw at it. Naturally I don't want to spend 2 or 3 grand for a laptop either. If that's what it takes, then I won't buy a laptop. I read elsewhere that some laptops have issues. If there is a tablet that will handle the Elad, that's fine too.

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