User Profiles

Otso Ylönen

Is anyone aware of a guide on using the new User Profile feature on SW2, a very welcome addition to the great application?
Can you give examples of how you use the profiles?
I have couple of specific questions:
- Is there a way to launch different instances of SW2 with pre-specified profiles? E.g. different profiles for two FDM-S2s?
- Do the profiles support separate timed recording rules? It seems to me, that the answer is no, since the FDMSW2RecSched.xml file gets created in the FDM-SW2 directory rather that the profile directory. Therefore, my three FDM-S2 receivers record exactly the same thing!
Previously, I have run separate instances of SW2 via different Windows user profiles. Now with a new PC, I have been trying to manage with just one. However, timed recording being such a key feature for me, I may have to create dedicated Windows user profiles again.
BR, Otso

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