VS: Dual FDM-S2

Otso Ylönen


It is quite possible to use two FDM-S2s & SW2 with the same PC. I have done this with success for quite some time. To get SW2 remembering rx specific settings, like window position and different recording  schedules, I run the instances via two different Windows user accounts, i.e  I start the first one normally and the other one via “Start As User…”.


I have both of these recording the full 6MHz bandwidth simultaneously on an USB3 hard drive.


I am just building a new desktop PC with more resources, as the two USB controllers inside my laptop cannot support a third FDM-S2, which I recently bought.


BR, Otso


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I'm at this same point but I would be using [and suggest trying] SDRconsole v3 Preview 5, although I haven't got it all set up just yet...


I'm surprised no one jumped in yet to answer but I'm curious too!



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I am a new user/owner of two FDM-S2s which I will be using to compare antennas.  I use the extioxxxx.dll with HDSDR.  For other SDR receivers it is possible to run two copies of HDSDR and point them at two different hardware receivers.  Is that possible with two FDM-S2s?





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