Bugs in recording (1.147)

Ralph Brandi

I've run across a couple of bugs in recording in the past week or two. This is with the latest beta, 1.147. First, I took my FDM-S2 on a DXpedition weekend before last, and found that in some circumstances, if I was recording and I tried to tune around by entering a frequency, even if I selected tuning frequency instead of local oscillator frequency, the software would change the LO frequency *while I was recording*, corrupting the recorded file and making it impossible to open.  Once an LO frequency is set for an I/Q recording, it should be locked until the recording finishes so that the recording file cannot be corrupted.

Second, I've found a bug back at home, also with 1.147. I have scheduled recordings centered on 1120 kHz over top-of-the-hour during darkness hours. All such recordings are interpreted with an incorrect center frequency, 4 kHz off. I can get the files back to what they're supposed to be by running them through WavHeaderManager and setting the center frequency to 1116 kHz, but the process for doing this is a pain in the neck and shouldn't be needed.

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