Re: RX differences between FDM Duo and FDM S2?

Richard Langley

Slight correction: Anthorn is in Cumbria, ENGLAND. Mind you, it is only a few km from Solway Firth and the Scottish border. ;-)

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On Oct 28, 2016, at 7:44 PM, Alberto I2PHD [elad_sdr_en] <> wrote:

On 10/28/2016 9:20 PM, Chris Wilson [elad_sdr_en] wrote:

Thank you very much Alberto, I had no idea that a DUOr even existed
until now, I will have to look at my finances and decide if I could
perhaps run to the transceiver. Do you think it's a good choice for LF
Yes, the DUO, DUOr and the S2 are excellent performers at LF... some of the best
receptions of the SAQ transmission at 17.2 kHz I have ever made, have been made
with my DUO. Also the MSF time/frequency standard of Anthorn, Scotland at 60 kHz
is received perfectly using the DUO, and so are many NDBs.

73 Alberto I2PHD
Credo Ut Intelligam

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