FTP Server: A WAV file

Nils Schiffhauer

Hi - I just placed three consecutive WAV files into the folder "DK8OK" on
ELAD's FTP server.
They contain roughly two minutes around 10 MHz, taken yesterday in Northern
Germany around 17:00 UTC ("top of the hour", to get a many broadcasters'
identifications as possible).
I took this recording using a 83 m long wire with a Hari balun at the end.
The antenna didn't hung too high, about 8 meters or so. It was just a fast
approach in the wilderness to escape from local noise.
The recording was made with FDM-SW2 at maximum bandwidth of nearly 5 MHz.
Much to my surprise, the files did also fit Simon Brown's SDR-RADIO.COM
module "SDR File Analyser" - giving a bandwidth from 7 MHz to 13 MHz -
wooow! The folder contains also a sonagram, made with this software.
There was no ATT needed; local sunset was around 16:40 UTC.
I am just extracting some examples from that file which will be posted on
You Tube in due time. Spreading such files (WAV & You Tube) with carefully
documented conditions under which they had been recorded, will back test
reports or even supersede them.
Hard to remember a receiver with which I had more fun in the last 45+ years

73, Nils, DK8OK

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