Recording & Playing

Nils Schiffhauer <DK8OK@...>

Hi - this morning, I did a 3 hours recording of 6 MHz width from 4 to 10
MHz. The resulting files piled up to nearly 250 GB. With Simon's "SDR Data
File Analyser" I made a "living sonagramm" of 10.000 picel width (i.e. 600
Hz/pixel) and 12.000 pixel length (i.e. roughly 1 s/pixel). Building up the
sonagram took not more than 30 minutes. After having saved the XML file of
this sonagram, you just have to click this file, and the sonagram will pop
up within seconds. So there is only one build-up needed.
In the sonagram, you can easily discriminate between broadcast, SSB
(LSB/USB) and data. Even more, with some experience, you can easily spot &
click short-living transmission like ALE, and decoder them with a free
software (beside many other goodies).
SDR File Analyser does also work with files from the original FDM-SW2
software, but up to now "only" at a width of max. 5 MHz.
Great prospects by great software and a little, big radio!

73, Nils, DK8OK

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