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 [webdev] Web Design Update: December 12, 2018

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Dec 12, 2018, 7:36 AM
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SECTION ONE: New references.
What's new at the Web Design Reference site?
New links in these categories:

03: COLOR.
10: TOOLS.

12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Understanding WCAG 2.1 Guideline 2.5: Input Modalities
By Bureau of Internet Accessibility.
"…To account for the need to navigate and operate controls through
various input methods, WCAG 2.1 includes a new guideline: 2.5 Input

Unlocking Accessibility for UX/UI Designers
By Denis Boudreau.
"In today's article, Denis Boudreau explains that the accessibility
community, have been lying for the better part of the last twenty
years. Web accessibility is hard. It's complicated. And you don't need
to care about all of that WCAG stuff."

Web Accessibility: What You Say vs. What I Hear
By Mikey Ilagan.
"…I've noticed a recurring theme. Issues identified through assistive
technology such as screen readers are often treated as bugs-backlogged
and forgotten in lieu of new feature development. Let me be clear: I
think looking at accessibility this way is all wrong…"

Microsoft Makes Real-Time Captions and Translation Standard in Office
365 PowerPoint
By James Thorne.
"The next PowerPoint presentation you see may have live captions or
subtitles, as Microsoft rolls out a real-time voice translation
feature to millions of subscribers. Think of it as an AI-powered Babel
fish for the conference room…"

The Current State of Automatic Speech Recognition
By Jaclyn Leduc.
"…Will a completely automated captioning solution ever exist? The
answer, at least for the conceivable future, is no. For now, a human
editor must be involved in the captioning and transcription process in
order to produce 99% accurate captions."

The Ultimate Guide to Audio Description
By 3Play Media.
"Just about everything you need to know about audio description and then some…"

Disability is a Spectrum, Not a Binary
By Steve Barnett and Nicola du Toit.
"…Steve Barnett and Nicola du Toit look at disability as a spectrum
instead of a binary and by making things accessible, we help more
people than we might realize."

How Ableism Leads to Inaccessibility
By Olivier Nourry.
"…Olivier Nourry discusses Ableism, the belief that a fully-functional
body and mind are the norm for a human being and considers people with
disabilities as unworthy and how in many ways, inaccessibility is a
by-product of ableism-based thinking."

The Accessibility Elves
By Michael E Ryan.
"There are many different roles in software that can help improve
accessibility. In today's piece, Mike introduces us to the seven elves
working on accessibility as part of the Inclusive Design Team."

Lessons from Gutenberg
By Adrian Roselli.
"…there are lessons to be learned from Gutenberg that, thanks to its
open nature, we can apply to other projects. Ideally, you want to make
your next project the Anti-Gutenberg…"

Colleges, Including Saint Rose, Hit with Website Lawsuits
By Rick Karlin.
"The College of Saint Rose is among the most recent targets of a
series of lawsuits filed against colleges and other organizations
related to their websites…"

50 Colleges Hit With ADA Lawsuits
By Lindsay McKenzie.
"A blind man is taking 50 colleges to court, alleging their websites
are inaccessible to people with disabilities."


Managing Flow and Rhythm with CSS Custom Properties
By Andy Bell.
"An important part of designing user interfaces is creating consistent
vertical rhythm between elements. Creating consistent, predictable
space doesn't just make your web pages and views look better, but it
can also improve the scan-ability…"

What Do You Name Color Variables?
By Chris Coyier.
"I remember the very first time I tried Sass on a project. The first
thing I wanted to do was variablize my colors. From my
naming-things-in-HTML skillz, I knew to avoid classes like
.header-blue-left-bottom because the color and position of that
element might change. It's better for to reflect what it is than what
it looks like…"

A CSS Venn Diagram
By Adrian Roselli.
"This post is just a summation of what I made with some stuff I learned…"

An Introduction and Guide to the CSS Object Model
By Louis Lazaris.
"…In this guide, I'm going to go through many of the most important
features of the CSSOM, starting with stuff that's more commonly known,
then moving on to some more obscure, but practical, features…"

+03: COLOR.

My Struggle with Colors
By Zain Adeel.
"Demystifying colors for accessible digital experiences…"

+04: DRUPAL.

Drupal's Commitment to Accessibility
By Dries Buytaert.
"…I've come to believe that accessibility is not something you do for
a small group of people. Accessibility is about promoting inclusion.
When the product you use daily is accessible, it means that we all get
to work with a greater number and a greater variety of colleagues.
Accessibility benefits everyone…"


Can You Use a Single Item to Predict SUS Scores?
By Jeff Sauro.
"The System Usability Scale (SUS) has been around for decades and is
used by hundreds of organizations globally…"

Help! I Don't Know What Type of User Research To Do
By Cheryl Paulsen.
"Choosing the right research method isn't always easy, for multiple reasons…"

+06: EVENTS.

Your Accessibility Evolution: an Ongoing Journey
December 19, 2018.

Web Accessibility Testing With Screen Readers
January 22, 2019.

World IA Day
February 23, 2019.


The Baseline Costs of JavaScript Frameworks
By Ankur Sethi.
"…Your React application will never load faster than about 1.1 seconds
on an average phone in India, no matter how much you optimize it. Your
Angular app will always take at least 2.7 seconds to boot up…"

React Native Accessibility Is Pretty Bad
By Doug Russell.
"Allow me to preface this by saying that React Native sets out to
solve problems I don't think are very interesting to solve. In
particular I don't think that sharing a single UI between disparate
platforms is desirable from any perspective that isn't cost savings
and that even from that perspective it's dicey…"

A New Day: Making a Better Calendar
By Gerard Cohen.
"This calendar year is almost over and we still don't have any solid
guidance or official ARIA pattern on how to build an interactive and
accessible calendar widget. Gerard Cohen shows us how to obtain an
improved calendar experience."

My Favourite Accessible Accordion Pattern
By Graham Armfield.
"…This post looks at the requirements for an accessible accordion
component, and shows you how to build one. I'll also talk about why I
favour the pattern presented here over others that are available…"

The (Switch)-Case for State Machines in User Interfaces
By David Khourshid.
"…one important (and very old) mathematical model of computation can
be used for describing the behavior and all possible states of a user
interface: the finite state machine…"


Reluctant Gatekeeping: The Problem With Full Stack
By Heydon Pickering.
"Much of my career as a web designer has been spent, quite happily,
working alongside programmers, engineers, people with computer science
degrees. In this symbiotic relationship, each party has a secure job
with a well-defined role, and gets to work on the thing they are best
at and enjoy the most…"

Be the Villain
By Eric Bailey.
"Eric Bailey asks us to take on the role of King Herod in our projects
to consider how the products, services and processes we design could
be abused to cause harm rather than to do good. No matter how good our
intentions, we must remember that not every user has pure motivations
and that every tool is a weapon if you hold it right."

Microsoft Targets Better Accessibility in Chromium
By Paul Thurrott.
"…the first feature Microsoft has committed to adding to Chromium is
for accessibility…The feature is called UI Automation Providers and it
will allow Chromium-based browsers on Windows to seamlessly interact
with accessibility client applications like Narrator…"

More on Edge Moving to Chromium:


Not Your Father's Navigation Strategy: There's More Than Just the TAB Key
By Rachel Olivero.
"…Rachel Olivero explains that while the use of the Tab key for
navigation among web components is appropriate in the right
circumstances, effectively utilizing quick navigation keys and element
lists can offer greater flexibility for screen access software users…"

Journey Mapping 101
By Sarah Gibbons.
"A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes
through in order to accomplish a goal."

+10: TOOLS.

PAVE (PDF Accessibility Validation Engine)
By ICT-Accessibility Lab of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences
(ZHAW) in collaboration with the Swiss Federation of the Blind and
Visually Impaired.
"You can use PAVE to make your PDF documents accessible and to
interpret conventional reader programs correctly…"

W3C is Coming to Your A11Y Tools
By Wilco Fiers.
"…Wilco Fiers talks about the upcoming harmonization of both automated
accessibility testing tools and manual, human testing, lead by the
W3C's Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Task Force."

Mobilizing Android Accessibility At Airbnb
By Diane Ko and Julia Fu
"…Diane Ko and Julia Fu talk about accessibility and the Airbnb
Android App, the advantages and challenges of the Android platform and
how they spread accessibility awareness and know-how through
documentation and training."


De-jargonising Design
By Donna Spencer.
"…Unfortunately jargon only works when the group we're communicating
with has the right  background knowledge to understand it, and if they
have similar experiences to our own. Even more unfortunately, the
people we spend most of our time communicating with are not our
peers-they're usually our business colleagues, developers and clients.
They are left feeling stupid when we rattle off our jargon-filled
methods, techniques and design principles…"

The Anchoring Principle
By Therese Fessenden.
"People tend to focus on a single, initial piece of information, which
influences how they estimate value and make subsequent decisions."

A 4 Minute UX Facilitator's Guide (Video)
By Sarah Gibbons.
"As a facilitator, it's your responsibility to make sure the time
spent in workshops is as productive as possible for attendees, while
at the same time ensuring that you get the insights you need in order
to move your project forward."

Product List UX: Explain Industry-Specific Filters (91% Don't)
By Edward Scott.
"In our large-scale usability testing of product lists and filters, we
observe that filters can turn an overwhelming and unmanageable product
list into one that's much more focused on products relevant to the
user - increasing the likelihood of a user finding a suitable product
to purchase…"

[Section one ends.]


+17: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

Drupal Information.

Evaluation & Testing Information.

Event Information.

HTML Information.

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JavaScript Information.

Miscellaneous Web Information.

Navigation Information.

PHP Information.

Sites & Blogs Listing.

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

Tool Information.

Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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