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[webdev] Web Design Update: November 14, 2018


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SECTION ONE: New references.
What's new at the Web Design Reference site?
New links in these categories:

02: BOOKS.
09: TOOLS.

11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Live Chat Accessible
By Rakesh Paladugula.
"…this article will highlight the best practices to make a live chat
accessible to keyboard only, screen reader, low vision and various
other users with disabilities…"

New Resource: The Business Case for Digital Accessibility
By Shawn Henry.
"The W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) today
published a new resource that describes the rationale for
organizations to address accessibility…"

Eyes-Free Computing Looking Back, Looking Forward (Video)
By TV Raman.
"…UI determines size and shape of computing…Ubiquitous information
access requires User Aware UI…"
Slides (PDF):

A Web of Anxiety: Accessibility for People with Anxiety and Panic
Disorders [Part 2]
By David Swallow.
"…many companies care little about how anxious or stressed their
websites make you feel. In fact, companies may well be counting on
your being anxious. But that's not to say that there's nothing we can

Be Better: Accessibility
By Ben Callahan.
"…Ben explores how responsive web design is accessible web design…"

The Importance Of Manual Accessibility Testing
By Eric Bailey.
"Automated accessibility tests are a great resource to have, but they
can't automatically make your site accessible. Use them as one step of
a larger testing process…"

Why Using 'tabindex' Values Greater than '0' is Bad
By Karl Groves.
"…It creates maintenance headaches…It strips away user control…It may
cause a mismatch between visual order and interaction order…It may
make user support difficult…"

Getting the Details on aria-details
By Scott O'Hara.
"Introduced in ARIA 1.1, aria-details is meant to help convey that
there is additional information available for a particular element a
user is interacting with…With the large gap in support across various
different screen readers, and the current implementation with JAWS,
aria-details won't consistently, or meaningfully, provide the context
for which its potential should allow."

Feds Prod Universities to Address Website Accessibility Complaints
By Lindsay McKenzie.
"Universities are under legal pressure to make their websites fully
accessible to people with disabilities, but is 'fully' even possible?"

+02: BOOKS.

Gay, Greg et al. Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy.
Ryerson University Pressbooks. 2016.

Gay, Greg et al. Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice. Ryerson
University Pressbooks. 2018.


The 'C' in CSS: The Cascade
By Thomas Yip.
"Following up from Geoff's intro article on The Second "S" in CSS,
let's now move the spotlight to the "C" in CSS - what we call the

Grid Tile Layouts with auto-fit and minmax
By Dave Geddes.
"…Lemme show you the new & easy way to make perfect, responsive tile
layouts with CSS Grid…"

Editorial Layouts, Floats, and CSS Grid
By Dave Geddes.
"CSS Grid is in many ways a dream come true, but there's at least one
basic thing it can't do…"


Keyboard Testing Basics
By Robert Jolly.
"Keyboard testing is one of the most efficient, impactful, and easy
tasks that any team member can do to find accessibility issues…"

Benchmarking in UX Research
By Nikki Anderson.
"Test how a website or app is progressing over time…"

The Three Types of Performance Testing
By Harry Roberts.
"…make performance testing regular and routine, I try to distill the
types of testing that we do into three distinct categories: Proactive,
Reactive, and Passive…"

How to Test Visual Design
By Kathryn Whitenton.
"Visual design details like fonts and colors can have subtle but
important effects on the overall user experience. Use research methods
that are sensitive to these effects to test your visual design."

+05: EVENTS.

Interaction 19
February 3-8, 2019.
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

JSConf Hawai'i
February 7-8, 2019.
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.


Tim Berners-Lee Ficks Off a 'Contract for the Web' to Protect the
Future of the Internet
By Hamza Shaban.
"Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, recently kicked
off a global campaign to curb some of the harmful effects of Internet
connectivity on society…"

Improve Your Design Process in Discovery, Ideation, and Prototyping
By Gleb Kuznetsov.
"Each time a product team begins a new project, the list of things to
do can be overwhelming…"

10 Things to Know About Chromebook Accessibility
By Deborah Edwards-Onoro.
"A number of new accessibility features have been added to the
Chromebook with the latest release of Chrome OS, which rolled out over
past couple weeks"


Drop-Down Usability: When You Should (and Shouldn't) Use Them
By Christian Holst.
"Deciding when to use a drop-down - or when to use another interface
type, such as a radio button interface or open text field - for a
specific input can be tricky…"

The Rules for Modern Navigation
By Stephanie Lin.
"…Let's consider these rules: Prioritize consistency, Design clear
interactions, Avoid deep navigation, Design for responsive


We are Colorblind
By Tom van Beveren, Kim van den Brink and Denver the Cat.
"…We are Colorblind is dedicated to the more than 300 million people
who are color blind…"

+09: TOOLS.

AInspector WCAG for Firefox
By Jon Gunderson.
"Inspects web pages for features and issues related to WCAG 2.0 level
A and AA requirements…"

HTML Notepad
By Andrew Fedoniouk.
"It is a WYSIWYG editor of structured documents: texts that have
hierarchical and semantically meaningful (oxymoron, no?) structure:
headers, list, plaintext islands, tables and so on…"


Why You Should Use a Text Area for Address Form Fields
By Anthony Tseng.
"…By using a single text area instead of two text fields, you'll help
users fill out the address field quicker…"

Don't @ Me - UX of Notifications in 2019
By Moses Kim.
"…Something as insignificant as a notification sent in the wrong time
or manner can turn people away from the app…"

Design Guidelines for Input Steppers
By Yuxuan (Tammy) Zhou.
"Reduce input effort for fields with values that deviate little from
the default by allowing users to increase or decrease the number in a
single button press. Avoid this GUI control for values with large

UX Debt: How to Identify, Prioritize, and Resolve
By Anna Kaley.
"Like tech debt, UX debt piles up over time and, if left unaddressed,
leads to compounding user problems and costly cleanup efforts. Agile
teams can modify their processes to track and resolve UX debt."

The Difference Between Storyboard, User Journey and User Story
By Desi Reuben-Sealey.
"…All three definitions, Storyboard, User Story and User Journey are
crucial in my opinion to the planning and production of whatever it is
you are creating in the web

Marketing: the Truly Original Fake News
By Gerry McGovern.
"Some marketers are deluded. Too much hype, spin, fake news…"

[Section one ends.]


+11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

Drupal Information.

Evaluation & Testing Information.

Event Information.

HTML Information.

Information Architecture Information.

JavaScript Information.

Miscellaneous Web Information.

Navigation Information.

PHP Information.

Sites & Blogs Listing.

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

Tool Information.

Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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