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- Volume 14, Issue 10, September 3, 2015.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

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04: COLOR.



07: HTML5.





11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Top 10 Most Common Web Accessibility Mistakes

By Ken Nakata.

"In our experience helping companies ensure Web compliance, we run
into 10 common accessibility mistakes. These are largely focused on
the human factor of creating content instead of the framework for Web
accessibility...." top-10-most-common-web-accessibility-mistakes/

Screen Readers on Touchscreen Devices

By Katie Sherwin.

"People who are blind or have low vision must rely on their memory and
on a rich vocabulary of gestures to interact with touchscreen phones
and tablets. Designers should strive to minimize the cognitive load
for users of screen readers."

WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #6 Results

By WebAIM.

"In July 2015, WebAIM conducted a survey of preferences of screen
reader users. We received 2515 valid responses to this survey, our
highest thus far. This was a follow-up survey to the original WebAIM
Screen Reader User Survey of January 2009 and the follow-up surveys
from October 2009, December 2010, May 2012, and January 2014..."

The Resurgence of ZoomText and Window-Eyes

By Jared Smith.

"These survey results suggest that those of us in the web
accessibility field may need to reconsider our perceptions of screen
reader users - the typical user may be different than our own
interactions and experience suggest."

Accessibility - Beyond the Screen Reader

By Denis Boudreau.

"...there are precisely 6.30769239 times as many people who have low
vision than there are people who are blind. This ratio is staggering.
Why, then, are designers and developers still focusing mostly on
screen reader compatibility?..." accessibility-beyond-screen-reader-91516540

Audio Description for Media and Live Performance (Video)

By Martin Wilde.

Video of Martin Wilde's July 21, 2015 Chicago Web Accessibility &
Inclusive Design Meetup presentation. (1 hour)

Standards for Audio Description and Code of Professional Conduct for
Describers (PDF)

By Audio Description Coalition.

"Audio description helps to ensure that people who are blind or have
low vision enjoy equal access to cultural events by providing the
essential visual information."

The Legal Ramifications of Inaccessible Websites

By Beatrice Schmidt.

"...For the last forty years the federal government has increasingly
mandated that businesses ensure that the content posted on their
websites is accessible to people with disabilities. The evolution of
making information & communication technologies - namely websites -
more accessible dates back to 1973 when the Rehabilitation Act was
signed into law..."

+02: BOOKS

Watson, Leonie et al. Practical Approaches For Designing Accessible
Websites, Smashing Magazine GmbH, 2015 (ISBN (EPUB:


Modern CSS Layout, Power and Responsibility

By Rachel Andrew.

"...With this power comes great responsibility. For just as it will be
possible for a developer to start out with a beautifully semantic,
well structured document and use Grid and Flexbox to meet the design
requirements, it will be possible for them to stop caring about the
document structure at all. Worse, I believe there will be a strong
temptation, especially with Grid, to flatten out document structure in
order that all elements become a child of the element with the Grid
declared. Making layout simple, but at what cost?.." modern-css-layout-power-and-responsibility/

Alternatives to Floating

By Ire Aderinokun.

"The primary reason I tend to avoid floatings is because floated
elements don't always work well with sibling elements that are not
also floated..."

Responsive Images Pt. 1 (Video)

By Mat Marquis.

"Websites are heavier than ever, and the vast majority of that
increase in weight can be attributed to images. High-resolution
displays combined with responsive sites that try to serve the same
image to all screens only compound the problem..." (4.55 minutes)

Responsive Images Pt. 2 (Video)

By Yoav Weiss.

"The new srcset, sizes and picture standards (introduced in part 1)
give developers the ability to selectively load the most appropriate
images for each browser, providing a big boost for performance. This
video, written by Yoav Weiss (@yoavweiss), walks through each of the
three standards and explains when and how to use them..." (4.5

+04: COLOR

Colour Contrast Determinator (beta)

By Pierre Frederiksen.

"We've developed a new online tool to help you find colour
combinations that have sufficient contrast. With scaling features for
hue, saturation and lightness, this tool doesn't just test colour
combinations, it determines them.."


My Approach to Mobile Accessibility Testing

By Helen Burge.

"When I get asked by team members about mobile accessibility, I am
often asked how difficult it is compared to desktop accessibility
testing. Often the questions indicate how many assume that mobile
accessibility is a completely different beast to traditional
functional and accessibility software testing. This has prompted me to
write this quick summary to help clarify how I approach mobile
accessibility testing, and how it only requires a few tweaks to
desktop testing successfully perform audits..." my-approach-to-mobile-accessibility-testing/

3 Tips for Testing Sketches and Flows with Users

By Jennifer Winter.

"Testing with users should begin the moment you've got an idea or
concept in mind. You probably already have a few sketches or flows
drawn out on paper or a whiteboard and that's exactly what you should
be testing...." 3-tips-for-testing-sketches-and-flows-with-users/

+06: EVENTS.

Open Source and Feelings
October 2-3, 2015.
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

ConveyUX 2016
February 9-11, 2016.
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

March 8-10, 2016.
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

South by Southwest Interactive
March 11-15, 2016.
Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

+07: HTML5.

HTML5 Video Accessibility: Updates, Features, & Guidelines (Video)

By John Foliot.

"What are the best practices for making web-based video and audio
accessible? In this webinar, John Foliot, a video accessibility expert
and contributor to the W3C's new Media Accessibility User Requirements
(MAUR), will go over the latest updates to HTML5 video as well as new
guidelines for making media accessible on the web." (1 hour 9 minutes)


Steve Faulkner, Editor.

"This specification defines the web developer rules (author
conformance requirements) for the use of [wai-aria-1.1] attributes on
[HTML51] elements. It also defines requirements for Conformance
Checking tools..."


Test Paper Prototypes to Save Time and Money - The Mozilla Case Study

By Susan Farrell.

"Low-fidelity user testing of several iterations of Mozilla's Support
website quickly showed which user-interface elements worked best for
Firefox users."


CSS Properties to Control Web Typography

By Maria Antonietta Perna.

"Web typography has the advantage of drawing on the wealth of
knowledge belonging to the centuries-old tradition of print
typography. By the same token, that tradition carries with it
standards of best practices and excellence that web typography is
called on to live up to..."


Writing Content for Responsive Design

By Dey Alexander.

"If you're writing for the web, you're writing for responsive design.
Or you soon will be. In this article, we offer some tips to get your
content working well on a range of screen sizes and orientations..."

How to Write a Great Error Message

By Thomas Fuchs.

"...Your job as product manager, designer or developer of an app is to
recognize that writing copy in your app is not something that you can
just do on the side. It's just as important as having the application
work correctly and the user interface being easy and efficient to

Ashley Madison and the Power of Traditional Marketing

By Gerry McGovern.

"...We all know about banner blindness. (You are as likely to get hit
by lightning as click on a banner ad.) Increasingly, we are also
finding that traditional hero shot imagery actually reduces people's
trust in a website. Deceptive advertising has been used for so long
that more and more people are not simply becoming immune to it-they
are becoming allergic to it." ashley-madison-and-power-traditional-marketing

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+11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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