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Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter


Vol. 17, No. 7

March 27, 2018

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First, I must be a proud papa and brag a little about my daughter, Lisa.   She appeared on the game show Jeopardy! this month and came away a two-time champion!  Jeopardy gave her the nickname Lisa “Let’s bet it all” Mueller because when she found daily doubles she would usually “bet it all” and win!  You can see a brief compilation of conversations between her and the host Alex Trebek and a couple of her daily doubles here

The full episodes are on YouTube for you bigger Jeopardy! fans.

Activities and Exercises

Gender & Culture:  Picture a leader.  Is she a woman?

A good class question and accompanying article

Social Judgment:  Facial recognition


Group Influence:  “Why and when hierarchy impacts team effectiveness”


Class Assignments

General: Group work

A very nice evidence-based overview of how to effectively conduct group work in your courses


Aggression/Prejudice: Dehumanization

Why is it okay to kill millions of humans “over there”?

Conflict & Peacemaking/Conformity/Persuasion: Tragedy of the Commons, use of norms, fear appeals, and more

Subscriber David Myers shares this example from Cape Town’s severe water shortage and its efforts to
encourage citizens to conserve.


Prejudice:  Influence of family

Video of a mom modeling anti-Islam bias in front of children

Topic Resources

Aggression:  Video games and aggression in kids

Once of those most hotly debated topics in psychology is whether video games affect kids’ behavior,
particularly aggressive behavior.  Here are a few articles from APS on the topic.

Attitudes & Behavior/Methods: “How to access Pew Resource Center survey data”

A brief description of how you and your students can access datasets from Pew for a variety of uses

Attraction & Relationships: Couples who diet (or don’t) together…

… can still see a benefit for the partner even if the other partner is not trying to diet.

Attraction & Relationships: 28 humorous tweets about marriage

Conformity:  Bad behavior by others leads us to want to restore social order

… by buying more popular brands of food!

Conformity: Another replication of Milgram’s obedience studies

This time in Poland, with similar results

Gender & Culture: “Nearly 1 in 4 men worldwide think it’s fine for bosses to expect sex from an employee”


Gender & Culture: “Kids draw female scientists more often than they did decades ago”

But their pictures of a “stereotypical” scientist still look quite similar.

Gender & Culture: “Frida Kahlo and other historic women are being made into Barbies”

My daughter got the Frida Kahlo question right on Jeopardy.  Just saying.

Group Influence:  Testosterone and diversity in group performance

Interestingly, this research found that teams with high levels of testosterone work better with low
diversity among its member, while the opposite is true for low-testosterone teams.

 Prejudice:  What does the public think of the Implicit Association Test (IAT)

As I mentioned in the last issue, the IAT is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Here is some research
looking at the public’s perception of it and its results.

Prejudice:  National Geographic:  “Our coverage was racist”

National Geographic invited a researcher to analyze its content since it began in 1888.

Prejudice:  Psychologists begin to build a profile of alt-right supporters

Prejudice: Why are Black students punished more often than White students?

Minnesota looks at this question.

Social Judgment: “Unsuccessful mass replication of the professor prime effect”

The original study found that if you imagined you were a college professor, rather than a “hooligan,” you
would perform better on a subsequent trivia test.  The unsuccessful replication means it’s a good day for

Social Judgment: “Experimenters’ expectations may shape priming results”

What happens when a priming study uses or does not use double-blind methodology?  These researchers test
it out.

Social Judgment:  “Watching others make people overconfident in their own abilities”

Social Judgment:  People tend to rate things more positively over time because it becomes easier to rate

and not necessarily because they are better

The Self:  People want to be compared with self, not others, in performance reviews


The Self: “Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year”


Technology in Teaching


Attraction & Relationships:  Anticipating change in the relationship and relationship quality

A podcast from Science of Relationships


Methods:  Writing good survey questions (5:27)

A good overview from the Pew Research Center

Prejudice:  Is this new Heineken beer ad racist? (0:30)

“Lighter is better.”


How Do You ... ?

Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their courses?
Then send me your "How Do You..?" question and I will try and post it here. If I get some answers I will
post them in the following issue.

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