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Internships: A Selective Bibliography of Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part TWO




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Internships: A Selective Bibliography of Scholarly and Academic Articles
About Internships: Part Two

Internships: A Selective Bibliography of Scholarly and Academic Articles
About Internships: Part Two

Internships and human resources management:

how common are internships at German companies

Hohendanner, Christian; Janik, Florian.

Zeitschrift f Arbeitsmarktforschung


Internships at Greek universities: an exploratory study

Mihail, Dimitrios M.

Journal of Workplace Learning


Internships in Sociology:

Liability Issues and Risk Management Measures

Schultz, Martin.

Teaching Sociology

20.3(July 1992):183-191

Internships in Nontraditional Health Care Settings:

A Pilot Program

Kotarba, Joseph A.

Teaching Sociology

18.3(July 1990):283-290

Policy internships: Stepping stones to your career

Scardina, Anthony V; Marcus, Naomi J; Neznek, Rita.

Journal of Forestry

100.6(Sep 2002):7-7

Opportunities for internships in library administration:

Results of a survey commissioned by the LAMA Education Committee

Cross, Jeanne.

Library Administration and Management1

9.4(October 2005):193-196

Campus Recreational Sports Internships:

A Comparison of Student and Employer Perspectives

Ross, C M; Beggs, BA.

Recreational Sports Journal

31.1(Apr 2007):

The critical role of university sponsored internships

for entry into the professional music business:

A report of a national survey

Rolston, Clyde Philip; Herrera, David.

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society

30.2(Summer 2000):102-112

Internships at St.John's University:

A transition to the workplace

Englander, Valerie; Moy, Ronald L; McQuillan, Thomas;

Englander, Fred.

Review of Business

21.1/2(Spring 2000):28-31

Sports Management and Administration Internships

and Students With Disabilities:

Responsibilities and Practices for Success

Barnes, J.


61.2(May 2009):191-201

Establishing Cooperative Competency-based Internships

for Parks and Recreation Students

Hurd, A R; Schlatter, B E.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

(Apr 2007)

Creating Internships in Marriage and Family Therapy:

A Collaboration Between a Training Program and

an Offender Reentry Facility

Barretti, Louis M; Beitin, Ben K.

Contemporary Family Therapy

32.1(Mar 2010):39-51

Undergraduate Internships in Accounting:

What and How do Singapore Interns Learn from Experience?

Beck, John Edward; Halim, Hendrik.

Accounting Education

17.2(Jun 2008

Logistics internships: Employer perspectives

Knemeyer, A Michael; Murphy, Paul R.

Transportation Journal

41.1(Fall 2001):16-26

Business school internships: Legal concerns

Cathy Owens Swift; Russell, Kent.

Journal of Education for Business

75.1(Sep/Oct 1999):23-26

Hospitality internships in Cyprus:

a genuine academic experience or a continuing frustration?

Zopiatis, Anastasios.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management


Criminal Justice Internships: Theory Into Practice (5th ed.)

Barringer, Tony A.

Criminal Justice Review

31.2(Jun 2006):182-184

Criminal Justice Internships: Theory Into Practice

Fulton, Karen J.

Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice

14.2(May 1998):198-200

Roundtable report:

firms use internships to test entry-level job seekers

Bovet, Susan L.

The Public Relations Journal

48.9(Sep 1992):26

Case Study of Management Internships:

Eastern Europeans in America

McCollum, James K; Schoening, Niles C.

International Journal of Public Administration


Ethical reflection and service internships

Smith, David C.

Journal of Business Ethics

15.1(Jan 1996):59

Ethical Reflection and Service Internships

Smith, David C.

Journal of Business Ethics

15.1(Jan 1996):59-65

Getting the most from MBA internships:

Promoting intern learning and job acceptance

Beenen, Gerard; Rousseau, Denise M.

Human Resource Management

49.1(Jan/Feb 2010):

Comparison of Student Outcomes in Distance Learning

Versus Traditional Dietetic Internships.

Wright, Lauri.

Topics in clinical nutrition

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Mentoring within Internships:

Socializing New School Leaders

Enomoto, Ernestine K; Gardiner, Mary E.

Journal of School Leadership

16.1(January 2006):34-60

The relation of college internships, college performance,

and subsequent job opportunity

Knouse, Stephen B; Tanner, John R; Harris, Elizabeth W.

Journal of Employment Counseling

36.1(Mar 1999):35-43

Are Universities Reaping the Available Benefits

Internship Programs Offer?

Weible, Rick.

Journal of Education for Business


Effects of Business Internships on Job Marketability:

The Employers' Perspective

Gault, Jack; Leach, Evan; Duey, Marc.

Education and Training


Lasting Connections: Using Internships

to Retain Recent College Graduates

in New England.

Policy Brief 09-3

Sasser, Alicia.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston;

4pp. Dec 2009(December 2009):4

A Broadened Horizon:

The Value of International Social Work Internships

Engstrom, David; Jones, Loring P.

Social Work Education

26.2(March 2007):136-150

Nurturing the Future:

Implementing Internships in Child Care Programs

Peterangelo, Lisa.

Exchange: The Early Childhood Leaders' Magazine Since 1978

162(March 2005):76-79

Trends in Industry Supervisors' Feedback
on Business Communication Internships

Sapp, David Alan; Zhang, Qin.

Business Communication Quarterly

72.3(Sep 2009):

Job Demand, Emotional Awareness,

and Job Satisfaction in Internships:

The Moderating Effect of Social Support

Chen, Fei-Chuan; Ku, Edward C S; Shyr, Yi-Hwan;

Chen, Fei-Hung; Chou, Shuo-Shiung.

Social Behavior and Personality


Undergraduate Internships: An Empirical Review

Gryski, Gerard S; Johnson, Gerald W; O'Toole, Laurence J, Jr.

Public Administration Quarterly

11.2(Summer 1987):150

Research: A Missing Component in Most Internships.

Lichtenberg, James W.

Counseling Psychologist

15.2(April 1987):267-270

Internships for Future Faculty:

Meeting the Career Goals of the Next Generation

of Educators in Marriage and Family Therapy

Miller, John K; Todahl, Jeff; Platt, Jason J;

Lambert-Shute, Jennifer; Eppler, Christie S.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

36.1(Jan 2010):71-79

Sport Management Field Experiences:

The Impact of the Federal Labor Standards Act

on Internships

Gargone, D.

Sport Journal


Beyond the mental health clinic:

New settings and activities for clinical psychology internships

Humphreys, Keith.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

31.3(Jun 2000):300-304

Fitness/Exercise Science Internships:

How to Ensure Success.

Campbell, Kathy; Kovar, Susan K.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

65.2(Feb 1994):69-72

Internships: Theory and Practice:

A Guide for Corporations, Colleges, and College Students

Warren, Tom.

Technical Communication

55.4(November 2008):417-418

Archival Internships:

A Guide for Faculty, Supervisors and Students

Shepherd, Elizabeth.

Journal of the Society of Archivists2

9.2(October 2008):249-251

Programs Abroad And Internships:

Spanish For Business And International Business Students

Coria-Sanchez, Carlos M.

Global Business Languages


Advising Graduate Students

for Successful International Internships.

Chapel, William B.

Business Communication Quarterly

61.4(December 1998):92-103

Internship expectations and learning goals

Basow, R R; Byrne, M V.

Journalism Educator

47.4(January 1993):48-54

The Value of Internships

in a NCACE Accredited Coaching Education Program

Smith, J L.

Journal of Coaching Education


Psychotherapy integration in internships

and counseling psychology doctoral programs

Lampropoulos, Georgios K; Dixon, David N.

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

17.2(June 2007):185-208

Doctoral school psychology internships

in non-school settings in the United States

Bolen, Larry M; Brown, Michael B; Kissell, Susan.

School Psychology International

24.4(October 2003):394-404

Political science research internships

and political science education

Moon, Jeremy; Schokman, Wykham.


20.3(Sep 2000):169-176

The Role Of Internships In Sport Management Curricula

A Model For Development

Sutton, WA.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

60(Sep 1989):20-24

Geropsychology Training in Canada:

A Survey of Doctoral and Internship Programs

Konnert, Candace; Dobson, Keith S; Watt, Ashli.

Canadian Psychology

50.4(Nov 2009):255-260

Internships for women in higher education administration:

Springboards for success?

Shirley Peganoff O'Brien; Janssen, Karen N.



Some Insights on Meaningful Internships in Sport Management:

A Cooperative Education Approach

Chouinard, N.

Journal of Sport Management

7(May 1993):95-100

Hospitality Internships: An Industry View

Downey, James F; DeVeau, Linsley R.

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

29.3(Nov 1988):18

An innovative approach to Student Internships

on American Indian Reservations

Amundson, Mary L; Moulton, Patricia L;

Zimmerman, Sonia S; Johnson, Beverly J.

Journal of Interprofessional Care

22.1(January 2008):93-101

Academic internships

with the equal employment opportunity commission:

An experiential approach

to teaching human resource management

Elkins, Teri J.

S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal

67.3(Summer 2002):40-47

Graduate Education and Public Service Internships:

A Theoretic Framework to Guide Learning

Harris, Maria E; Emerson, Sandra.

Journal of Public Affairs Education - J-PAE7.

1(January 2001):31-38

Business School Internships: Legal Concerns.

Swift, Cathy Owens; Kent, Russell.

Journal of Education for Business

75.1(September 1999):23-26

Developing the new generation/center internships

Shanberg, Ariel.

Photography Quarterly


Professional Service Through Sport Management Internships

Bell, JA; Countiss, J R.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

64(Sep 1993):45-47+.

Interprofessional education internships in schools:

Jump starting change

Salm, Twyla; Greenberg, Hirsch; Pitzel, Myrna; Cripps, Doug.

Journal of Interprofessional Care

24.3(May 2010):251-263

Attract the best and brightest with comprehensive internships

Letourneau, Rayna M, MS, RN.

Nursing Management

41.4(Apr 2010):

Integrating virtual internships into online classrooms

Conroy, Richard; Khan, Rana.

Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

15.2(Apr 2009):97-112

Developing Effective Internships Within Public Sector Organizations

Cupps, Stephen; Olmosk, Kurt E, PhD.

Public Personnel Management

37.3(Fall 2008):303-311

David Dillard