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Internships: A Selective Bibliography of Scholarly and Academic Articles About Internships: Part One






A Selective Bibliography of Scholarly and Academic Articles

About Internships: Part One




Internships in Marketing:

Goals, Structures and Assessment

Student, Company and Academic Perspectives

Alpert, Frank; Heaney, Joo-Gim; Kuhn, Kerri-Ann L.

Australasian Marketing Journal

17.1(May 2009):36-45.




A 20-Year Evolution of Internships:

Implications For Retail Interns, Employers and Educators

Hurst, Jessica; Good, Linda.

International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research

20.1(Feb 2010):175-186.




Student Perspectives on The Quality of Hotel Management Internships

Cho, Minho.

Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism





Tax Professional Internships and Subsequent Professional Performance

Siegel, Philip H; Blackwood, B J; Landy, Sharon D.

American Journal of Business Education

3.5(May 2010):51-59




Characteristics of Retailing Internships Contributing to Students'

Reported Satisfaction with Career Development

Paulins, V Ann.

Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management





Meaningful Information Systems Internships

Carpenter, Donald A.

Journal of Information Systems Education

14.2(Jul 2003):201




The Pedagogical Use of Internships in Criminal Justice Programs:

A Nationwide Study

Stichman, Amy J; Farkas, Mary Ann.

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

16.1(Apr 2005):145-165,206,208




Faculty Internships for Hospitality Instructors

Lynn, Christine; Hales, Jonathan A; Wiener, Paul.

Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers

82.4(April 2007):36-39




Internships in an Instant Bureaucracy:

Some Organizational Lessons

Mills, Edgar W Jr; Harris, Richard J; Brischetto, Robert.

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

19.4(November 1983):483-495




The "How to" of Half-Time Internships:

Exemplars, Structure, and Quality Assurance

Mangione, Lorraine; Borden, Kathi A; Abrams,

Jules C; Arbeitman, David.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

37.6(Dec 2006):651-657




Communication Faculty Internships

Gibson, D C.

Public Relations Review

27.1(April 2001):103-117




Doing Good While Doing Well: Service Learning Internships

Rehling, Louise.

Business Communication Quarterly

63.1(Mar 2000):77-89




Faculty internships:

A Means to Bridge the Academician / Practitioner Gap

Lantos, Geoffrey P.

The Journal of Product and Brand Management





Internships in Undergraduate Finance Programs

Maskooki, Kooros; Rama, Dasaratha V; Raghunandan, K.

Financial Practice and Education

8.2(Oct 1998):74-82




Internships for Future Faculty: Meeting the Career Goals

of the Next Generation of Educators In Marriage And Family Therapy

Miller, John K; Todahl, Jeff; Platt, Jason J; Lambert-Shute,

Jennifer; Eppler, Christie S.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

36.1(Jan 2010):71-9




Enhancing the Transformative Potential of Business Internships

Starr-Glass, David.

Managing global transitions

4.4(Jan 2006):285-297




Effects Of College Internships On Individual Participants

Taylor, M Susan.

Journal of Applied Psychology

73.3(Aug 1988):393




Internships and the Sociological Perspective :

Applying Principles of Experiential Learning

Parilla, P F; Hesser, G W.

Teaching sociology





Fashion Merchandising Internships for the Millennial Generation.

Stanforth, Nancy.

International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education

2.2-3(Jul 2009-Nov 2009):91-99




Undergraduate Research Internships:

Veterinary Students' Experiences and

the Relation with Internship Quality

Jaarsma, Debbie A D C; Muijtjens, Arno M M; Dolmans,

Diana H J M; Schuurmans, E V A M; Van Beukelen, Peter; et al.

Medical Teacher

31.5(May 2009):e178-e184




Library Residencies and Internships as Indicators of Success :

Evidence from Three Programs

Lanier, D; Henderson, C L.

Bulletin of the Medical Library Association





The Effectiveness of Student Internships

and Higher Education Marketing

Ht, Stefan; Hell, Benedikt.

Zeitschrift f Personalforschung





Faculty Internships

Peacock, Eileen.

Strategic Finance

87.5(Nov 2005):19-20,22




Industry Internships:

Feedback from Participating Faculty and Industry Executives

Harris, Kimberly J; Zhao, Jinlin.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management





Firms Use Internships to Test Entry-Level Job Seekers

Bovet, Susan L.

The Public Relations Journal

48.9(Sep 1992):26




International Business Internships:

Preparing Students for Business Without Borders

Adler, Renatte K; Loughrin-Sacco, Steven J.

The Journal of Language for International Business





The Impact of Internships on Accounting Students:

A Bowie State University Study - 2007

Thorpe-Dulgarian, Treisha.

The Business Review, Cambridge

10.1(Summer 2008):281-288




Language Internships In Secondary and Adult Education

Verhallen, Simon. Levende Talen

543.Oct(Oct 1999):610-614




Reconsidering Assumptions:

Half-Time Internships in Their Historical Context

Peterson, Roger L; Ober, Margaret D.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

37.6(Dec 2006):635-642




Internships and the Sociological Perspective:

Applying Principles of Experiential Learning

Parilla, P F; Hesser, G W.

Teaching Sociology

26.4(October 1998):310-329




The Value of Faculty Internships in Technical Communication.

Hirst, Russel.

Journal of Technical Writing and Communication





Internships for law enforcement:

some good and some bad aspects

Unsinger Peter C.

Journal of California Law Enforcement





Graduate Accounting Internships Counting on a Transformation

Broaddus, Becca.

Baylor Business Review

28.2(Spring 2010):24-27




Information Systems Internships and Their Relationship

to Funding, Research, Consulting, Recruitment, and Economic

Weible, Ricky J; Shao, Dale H; Shao, Stephen.

Allied Academies International Conference.

Academy of Educational Leadership.





Forests and Trees:

The Role of Academics in Legislative Internships

Pecorella, Robert F.

Journal of Political Science Education

3.1(January 2007):79-99




Internships for Future Faculty:

Meeting the Career Goals of the Next Generation

of Educators in Marriage and Family Therapy

Miller, John K; Jeff, Todahl; Platt, Jason J; Lambert-Shute,

Jennifer; Eppler, Christie S.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

36.1(January 2010):71-79




Effects of business internships on job marketability:

the employers' perspective

Gault, Jack; Leach, Evan; Duey, Mark.

Education and Training





Working to Learn:

Internships for Today's Social Work Students

Newman, Bernie S; Dannenfelser, Paul L;

Clemmons, Valarie; Webster, Sharon.

Journal of Social Work Education

43.3(Oct 2007):513-528




The Clearinghouse for Internships and

International Personnel Exchanges

McFadden, D L.

Legal Reference Services Quarterly





Internships: Many Advocates, Few Practitioners

The Public Relations Journal

34.7(July 1978):15




Internships and the State Government Human Resources Crisis

Donovan, Craig F; Garnett, James L.

International Journal of Public Administration





The pedagogical use of internships in criminal justice programs:

A nationwide study

Stichman, A J; Farkas, M.

Journal of Criminal Justice Education





Internships: A try before you buy arrangement

Coco, Malcolm.

S.A.M. Advanced Management Journal

65.2(Spring 2000):41-43+.




The value of faculty internships in technical communication

Hirst, R.

Journal of technical writing and communication





OSH Internships:

One program's perspective on benefits

for students, employers and universities

Fender, David L; Watson, Lauren E.

Professional Safety

50.4(Apr 2005):36-40




Policy internships: Stepping stones to your career

Scardina, Anthony V; Marcus, Naomi J; Neznek, Rita.

Journal of Forestry

100.6(Sep 2002):7




Logistics internships: Employer and student perspectives

Knemeyer, A Michael; Murphy, Paul R.

International Journal of Physical Distribution and

Logistics Management





The value of hospital library internships

Holst, Ruth.

Journal of Hospital Librarianship





Organizations and internships

Ryan, Cathy; Krapels, Roberta H.

Business Communication Quarterly

60.4(Dec 1997):126-131




Benefits of training dietetics students

in preprofessional practice programs:

a comparison with dietetic internships.

Gilbride, J A; Conklin, M T.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

96.8(August 1996):758-763




The Relation of College Internships, College Performance,

and Subsequent Job Opportunity.

Knouse, Stephen B; Tanner, John R; Harris, Elizabeth W.

Journal of Employment Counseling

36.1(March 1999):35-43



APA-accredited internships:

An examination of the supply and demand issue

Oehlert, Mary E; Lopez, Shane J.

Professional Psychology : Research and Practice

29.2(Apr 1998):189-194




The role of internships in attracting

quality talent to the public sector

Clinton, Jennifer.

Public Manager

32.1(Spring 2003):45




Internships and the Sociological Perspective:

Applying Principles of Experiential Learning.

Parilla, Peter F; Hesser, Garry W.

Teaching Sociology

26.4(October 1998):310-329



Quality Internships for School Leaders: Meeting the Challenge

Gaudreau, Patricia A; Kufel, Andrew P; Parks, David J.

AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice

3.3(October 2006):27-32



Advising graduate students

for successful international internships

Chapel, William B.

Business Communication Quarterly

61.4(Dec 1998):92-103



Student Perceptions of The Value of Internships

in Business Education

Hergert, Michael.

American Journal of Business Education

2.8(Nov 2009):9-13




Learning from Internships in Gerontology and Geriatrics:

Assessment and Program Evaluation

Karasik, Rona J.

Gerontology and Geriatrics Education





What High School Students Learn

during Internships in Biology Laboratories

Roth, Wolff-Michael; van Eijck, Michiel;

Hsu, Pei-Ling; Marshall, Anne; Mazumder, Asit.

American Biology Teacher

71.8(October 2009):492-496




Effects of internship predictors on successful field experience

Beard, F; Morton, L.

Journalism and Mass Communication Educator

53.4(January 1999):42-53




A national survey of trainee impairment in clinical,

counseling, and school psychology

doctoral programs and internships

Huprich, Steven K; DavidRudd, M.

Journal of clinical psychology





Internships: A Glance Beyond the Bedside

Smith, Alison P.

Nursing Economics

24.6(Nov/Dec 2006):331-2




Camp Nursing: Student Internships.

Harwood, Catherine Hoe; Van Hofwegen, Lynn.

Camping Magazine

75.2(March 2002):34-41




Doing Good While Doing Well:

Service Learning Internships.

Rehling, Louise.

Business Communication Quarterly

63.1(March 2000):77-89





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