Philadelphia's Subway Surface Streetcar Lines (Routes 10, 11, 13, 34, 36)

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In General

Philadelphia is served by two major transit companies:
    SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
    PATCO, the Port Authority Transit Corporation

PATCO services New Jersey from Camden down to Lindenwold, but includes four stops in Philadelphia in order to provide their riders with access to Philadelphia.  It is a Heavy Rail line, and runs over the outside of the Ben Franklin bridge to hop over the Delaware River.

SEPTA, which covers Philadelphia PA and the surrounding suburbs, has one of the more diverse transit systems around, with Light Rail, Heavy Rail, trolleybuses, busses, and several different styles of streetcars.  They stopped using some of their trolley bus line several years ago.  :-(  Streetcars come in three varieties, updated PCC cars, and Kawasaki's with both poles (on most of the routes) and pantograph's (on routes 101 and 102).  The Norristown Light Rail line is fairly unique in the sense that it uses third rail for power, which is usually reserved for heavy rail systems.

SEPTA has two large transit centers: 30th Street which handles mainly Commuter Trains and the Market St Subway Line (Amtrak is also co-located in the main station), and the 69th Street Terminal, which handles light rail, heavy rail, the route 101 and 102 Kawasaki Streetcars, and of course, busses - in three different staging areas.  In addition, there are the Norristown (R6 Commuter, Light Rail, and busses) and Frankford Transportation (just busses) Centers.

The SEPTA system is extensive..... SEPTA's selection of maps is at:

A nice personal SEPTA website with a really good selection of maps is:

Although SEPTA has a fairly liberal photo policy, the SEPTA police will stop you and take your name and address info down if they even see you running around with a camera on their property - it happened to me in the 69th Street terminal after photographing the Kawasaki's out on the street.  At least they don't detain you for hours on end like METRA does!

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If you have a particular question about transit or railfanning in the Philly area, there are several Yahoo groups for that purpose,
please check 'em out first cause there are many area experts on those groups (and I'm not one of them :-).
Here are some of them that may be of interest:


Main Map
Overall map of the SEPTA Rail Systems  (Includes PATCO)

Light Rail
          Route 100 - The Norristown Line

Streetcars and Trolleys
          Route 15
          Routes 101 and 102
          Routes 10, 11, 13, 34, 36 - the Surface Subway Lines

 Heavy Rail / Subway
          The Broad Street Line
          The Market-Frankford Line
          The PATCO system

Regional / Commuter Rail
          Regional Rail Lines

Trolley Busses / Trackless Trolleys / Electric Busses
          Trackless Trolley Routes

Transportation Centers and.....
          SEPTA's 69th St Terminal
          SEPTA's Frankford Transportation Center
          SEPTA's Norristown Transportation Center
          SEPTA's Darby Transportation Center
          AMTRAK's 30th St Station
          ZOO Interlocking


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