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David Dillard

Google Docs Subject Guide


What is Google Docs


“Google Docs is a word processor included as part of a free, web-based
software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service.
This service also includes Google Sheets and Google Slides, a spreadsheet
and presentation program respectively. Google Docs is available as a web
application, mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and as a
desktop application on Google's ChromeOS. The app is compatible with
Microsoft Office file formats.[2] The application allows users to create
and edit files online while collaborating with other users in real-time.
Edits are tracked by user with a revision history presenting changes.
An editor's position is highlighted with an editor-specific color and
cursor. A permissions system regulates what users can do. Updates
have introduced features using machine learning, including "Explore",
offering search results based on the contents of a document, and
"Action items", allowing users to assign tasks to other users.”


“Google Docs is available as a web application supported on Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari web browsers.”


Source: Wikipedia “Google Docs” article




Word Processors (search results from Google Web Search)




This subject guide will cover basic information needed to create Google Docs
and have links to sources of additional tutorials and books and articles designed
to teach basic skills in more depth as well as advanced
Google Docs skills.


Google Docs and Google Drive are available to anyone when they subscribe
to a free Gmail account.


Example of a blank Google Doc


Google Docs come in a wide variety of types, designs and content
as these examples illustrate.



How to Use Google Docs







Google Docs FROM Google Web Search


Google Docs FROM Google Videos



Opening a Google Doc


Go to your Google Drive account by going to Google Drive at this web address 

and clicking to the Go to Google Drive Icon

About Google Drive


Click on New at the top left


Then either click on Google Docs from the drop down menu or from the right arrow

select from either “Blank Document” or “From a Template”



Google Docs is designed to be a competitor
to Microsoft Word with several differences.


1.                   Google Docs is a cloud based tool.  It does not exist on ones computer hard drive
but this gives a Google Docs user access from anywhere to the documents in ones
Google Drive account.
However those with access to Word can any Google Doc onto a

Word document and save that document version to their computers hard drive or other
document storage services or email the document as an email attachment using either
their Documents file in Microsoft Office or Google Drive.


2.       One can share the document with others using the share button and then work
           collaboratively with others to create and revise these shared documents. 
           The advantage of this method is that one document from Google Docs is used throughout 

           while with Word, the same document is passed back and forth creating an additional copy

           of the document with each emailing of that document. A Google document must have a

           title before it can be shared.  To share a document one clicks the SHARE icon at the top

           right of the first document page.

     3.       Google Docs mimics the 2003 version of Word in using the File tab system.



Under the Tools Tab one finds these options:
















The tool bar at the bottom of the Google Docs Ribbons allows formatting options similar to

the options in the FORMAT tab above this one. The options on the tool bar at the bottom

allow these formatting and related options from left to right:




The remaining options on this tool bar are for formatting and related tasks


Clicking 100% permits the user to resize pages from 50% to 200%


Clicking “Normal Text” allows changing to one of these options

Title, Subtitle, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, 


Clicking the  11 permits changing font size from 8 to 98 with only selected sizes facilitated.


B is bold , I is italics, U is underline and A permits changing font color while the pen point

changes the color surrounding the text. These are followed by icons for add link, add comment,

image and these formatting options: left align, center align, right align, justify, line spacing,

numbered list, bulleted list, increase indent, decrease indent, clear formatting.


The Image icon allows these procedures from the drag and drop menu: 









There are handles at each corner and the center top and bottom of each image and these can

be used to drag pictures to different locations on the page including in the middle of text in

which case the text will surround the image.  The top center handle, however, is shaped

differently and will allow one to rotate the image.


To view the keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs, hold the CNTL key down and strike the forward

slash key.


Popular keyboard shortcuts (Windows users)

Text formatting













Clear formatting

Ctrl+\ or Ctrl+Space

Paragraph formatting

Apply ‘Normal text’

Ctrl+Alt+0 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-0

Apply ‘Heading 1’

Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-1

Apply ‘Heading 2’

Ctrl+Alt+2 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-2

Apply ‘Heading 3’

Ctrl+Alt+3 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-3

Apply ‘Heading 4’

Ctrl+Alt+4 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-4

Apply ‘Heading 5’

Ctrl+Alt+5 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-5

Apply ‘Heading 6’

Ctrl+Alt+6 or Ctrl+Alt+Num-6

Left align text


Center align text


Right align text


Justify text


Toggle numbered list


Toggle bulleted list


With objects

Resize larger


Resize smaller



Insert link…




Find and replace…


Define word


Copy formatting


Paste formatting


Switch to editing


Switch to suggesting


Switch to viewing





Insert or move to header

Ctrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+H

Insert or move to footer

Ctrl+Alt+O Ctrl+Alt+F

Insert footnote


Move to next heading

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+H

Move to previous heading

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+H

Move to next heading 1

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+1

Move to previous heading 1

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+1

Move to next heading 2

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+2

Move to previous heading 2

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+2

Move to next heading 3

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+3

Move to previous heading 3

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+3

Move to next heading 4

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+4

Move to previous heading 4

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+4

Move to next heading 5

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+5

Move to previous heading 5

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+5

Move to next heading 6

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+6

Move to previous heading 6

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+6

Move into current footnote

Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+F

Move to next misspelling


Move to previous misspelling





File menu


Edit menu


View menu


Insert menu


Format menu


Tools menu


Add-ons menu


Count words


Table menu


Help menu


Context menu

Ctrl+Shift+\ or Ctrl+Shift+X


Add comment


Open comments thread…


Enter current comment

Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+C

Move to next comment

Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+C

Move to previous comment

Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+C



Source:  Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs


Silicon Dales


 Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs From Database Search Results


Google Web Search

Google Videos



An Additional Source:  Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs



Working with Google Docs: Tips and Methods


Google Docs - Full Tutorial 2018


Covered in This Video

Create and Format

Document Title







Line Spacing

Bookmarks and Links

Table of Contents with Page Numbers or Links



Google Drive / Docs Tutorial 2016




Document Storage


Google Docs does not have a SAVE command an automatic save feature rapidly
saves all changes as they occur to a document file in Google Drive.






How to Use the Google Docs Outline Tool - YouTube




Google Docs are stored and updated in the “Activity” section of Google Drive. 
The Documents can be found by clicking on Activity on the left sidebar of ones

Google Drive website or on More on the same sidebar to find Google Docs on

the account sidebar.  It is important to give a title to each document created in

Google Docs as soon as a document is created, it is listed on the Activity file in

Google Drive and continued failure to name documents will create a number of

documents called UNTITLED DOCUMENT.  To name a document or change its title

one clicks on the document title and inside the resulting box makes the needed



Adding Comments to a Document


On the command ribbon at the top of a Google Doc is a caption box that when

clicked brings up a dialog box on the right sidebar.  One can also highlight text

and click on that highlighted text to also bring up a dialog box.  The recipient

can then create a dialog box for response by clicking on the text in the dialog

box that was just received.


Adding Comments in Google Docs :  

Search Results from Google and Google Videos

Google Videos

Google Web Search



Making a Copy of a Document


If one receives a document that does not allow any changes to be made to the

document, one can click on “MAKE A COPY” under the File Tab on the ribbon at

the top of the document.  Then the recipient of the “view only” document can

edit anything on the copy of the document.



Viewing Revision History


Click on “See Revision History” under the FILE tab at the top of the web page to

view all revisions of a document. The resulting document in the right sidebar is not

complete until you click on “SHOW MORE DETAILED REVISIONS” at the bottom of

this pop up box.  For each revision, the color coded name of the reviser is included

with the revision they made in their color.




Creating Titles and Subtitles for Google Docs and Inserting Images into a Google Doc


Google Docs and Revision History

Google Web Search

Google Videos


Sharing Documents


When the share button is clicked for a document, one must have a title for that document

before sharing can take place and this will be prompted.  With the document shared with

one or more additional people, this document is private and can only be viewed by these

people.  Once the document has been shared, one can use the box that appears upon

clicking the SHARE icon again and select from these options.


OFF Only Specific People Can Access

Anyone with the link can edit

Anyone with the link can comment

Anyone with the link can view

ON public on the web

ON anyone with the link

ON specific people


The bottom four options are found after one accepts the original sharing decisions and

again clicks on SHARE and then in the succeeding box clicks on ADVANCED.


Sharing in Google Docs


File Tab Options


New [Document]


Make a Copy

Download as

Email as an Attachment

Version History


Move to

Move to Trash

Publish to the Web

Email Collaborators

Document Details


Page Setup



Document Download Options with Google Docs


Microsoft Document

Open Document Format

Rich Text format

PDF Document

Plain Text

Web Page

EPUB Publication



How to Open a Word Document in Google Docs Tutorial


Alternative Methods


How to Download from Google Docs

Converting Microsoft Word and Excel Files to Google Docs and Sheets ...




How to Open a Word Document in Google Docs

In the Gmail Documents List, instead of clicking on DOWNLOAD, Click in VIEW.

This opens up a preview of the document in the left sidebar.

Now the option to Save in Google Docs appears on the top command ribbon,
but selecting this option creates a Word document file of this document on the
Google Docs stored on Google Drive. This creates a version of the document
that cannot be edited in Google Docs.

Instead click on EDIT ONLINE and this will convert the document to
Google Docs format.


To email this document back to somebody in Word format, right click on the document,
go to SHARE and select the option, EMAIL AS AN ATTACHMENT and from the resulting
drop down menu select Microsoft Word.  Then put the email address(es) in the
TO dialog box, add a message if desired and send the message.


Useful Sources for Learning Google Docs



Beginner's Guide to Google Docs - YouTube





Google Drive Tutorial 2013 - Composing Google Docs (2/6)



Going Google : powerful tools for 21st century learning /

Jared Covili.


Covili, Jared

Resource Type:



Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin Press, ©2012.

Physical Description:

xi, 207 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.


Includes bibliographical references and index.

Paley Library

Stacks LB1044.87 .C685 2012





Improving Writing with Google Docs

Author          Eric Curts

Publisher     Eric Curts

Length           15 pages





Google Drive Tutorial 2013 - Composing Google Docs (2/6)






Google Docs Advanced Tips and Tricks

Author Jess Stratton provides a series of advanced tips and tricks to boost
productivity, from adding fonts and auto-substituting text to working with
images and translating documents. Learn how to download docs in different
formats, including Word and PDF; tag





Google Docs: Formatting in Depth

Learn how to make your documents more readable and engaging with the
formatting tools in Google Docs. Follow along with Jess Stratton as she shows
how to format text and images, create custom styles, and adjust document
flow and spacing with margins, breaks, and columns. Then learn how to make
your documents more professional with elements such as headers and footers,
page numbering, and a table of contents, and expand your creative options with
free Google fonts. Jess also shows how to reuse and remove existing formatting,
as well as save custom formatting in a template.





Converting Google docs

From Migrating from Google Drive to SharePoint


Learn how to migrate documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files from
Google Drive to SharePoint. In this course, Bill Kulterman explores the best
practices for moving from Google Drive to SharePoint, and discusses how
Microsoft OneDrive plays a role in this migration. He provides a quick tour of
OneDrive and SharePoint, and then explains how to convert documents and
spreadsheets and address issues with fonts, charts, and presentations.





Google Apps for Educators

Administrators and teachers alike can learn how to set up custom Google sites
for collaboration with parents and students, and extend Google Apps with apps
like YouTube and Google Scholar.





Collaborative Google Docs


Blended learning is all about the students: combining instruction with digital
resources to help increase student achievement and engagement. In this course,
Chris Mattia explores the various aspects of blended learning, and provides
guidelines to create a blended classroom that meets students' diverse learning needs.







Work together with Google Docs

From Introduction to Cloud Computing for IT Pros


Another excellent offering…for teams or even just people…who are working together
using the cloud…comes from Google, it's called Google Docs,…and we're going to take
a quick look…at how you can share and collaborate…on documents with this free tool.…
Available to anyone with a free Gmail account.





Linking to a Google Doc

From for Educators


Google Drive can be used to share…files to distribute to your learners,…or for active
online collaboration






Linking a Google doc to a project

From Learning Basecamp 3


All you have to do is create a link in your project…to your Google Doc.…Here we are in
the Retail Web Site project…and we're on the Docs & Files page.…When you want to
create a link,…click the button that says Link a Google Doc…and that brings you to the
screen…where you can enter information about the file.






Using Google Docs to create an informational video script template


I'll be using Google Docs…to create an Informational Video Script template…from scratch,
because the add-on screenplay formats…that you can get are insufficient when it comes…
to customization for the Informational Video Script.






Google Docs Essential Training



Take a closer look at Google Docs and discover how to build documents with rich formatting,
images, and tables. In this course, Jess Stratton shows how to get around Google Docs'
web-based interface, create new documents, and add features such as footnotes, headers
and footers, and page numbering. You'll also see how to make your documents more
engaging by adding images, Google drawing objects, and tables.


Topics include:


    Creating, naming, saving, and editing docs

    Formatting text

    Creating a table of contents

    Inserting images and tables

    Copying, renaming, and moving docs

    Publishing docs on the web

    Sharing docs

    Translating docs

    Using Google Docs on mobile devices




Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Second Edition

Author  Gerardus Blokdyk

Publisher            CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018

ISBN      1717434665, 9781717434661

Length  142 pages





Book: Google Docs


QuickStudy Computer


Hales, John

 [Boca Raton, Florida] : QuickStudy Reference Guides. 2011

Resource Type: eBook.

Want to learn more about how GoogleDocs can increase your productivity? Look no
further than our new 3-panel guide, which features the latest, most up-to-date
information about this powerful suite of online products. Each GoogleDocs application—
from word processing to spreadsheets—is examined in detail through step-by-step
instructions, key definitions and full-color screen shots. Every GoogleDocs user will want
to have this comprehensive reference tool by his or her side!

Related ISBNs:

9781423216452. 9781423216872.


Table of Contents



 The Docs List

 Getting Ready




 Migrating Existing Microsoft Office Documents to/from Google Docs

 Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

 Apps Sync


 Collaboration with Others

 Sharing vs. Publishing



Embed a Google DocList in a Google Site or WordPress Site

By Wesley Fryer On June 2, 2014 ·




Magazine Articles Media Sources and Other Publications about Google Docs


Engaging Google Docs to Support Collaboration and Reflection in Online Teacher Education

Henry Gillow-Wiles (Southern Oregon University, USA) and Margaret L. Niess 
(Oregon State University, USA)

Source Title: Handbook of Research on Teacher Education in the Digital Age

Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 28

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8403-4.ch024


Considerate Collaboration: Google Docs
August 30, 2016 by Maha Bali
ProfHacker: A Blog from
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Google Docs and collaboration from Google Videos



Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features

by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 01/2018

Free Technology for Teachers: Ten Overlooked Google Docs Features



5 Google Docs Formatting Tips

by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 06/2017
Framingham High School
How to create a heading
How to correctly space your document
How to correctly space your document
How to correctly space your document

There is a function to clear all formatting.
This is a handy function to use after copying
and pasting from a Word document or even
from a shared Google Document whose
formatting doesn't fit with what you want.

Google Videos :  Google-Docs AND formatting


How to Clear Formatting in Google Docs

by Melissa Holt
TekRevue, 05/2018



Newspaper Templates for Google Docs and Word

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 02/2018
Docs Templates FROM Google Videos



Monday, May 21, 2018
A Quick Google Docs Formatting Tip

Free Technology for Teachers, 05/2018
Google Docs Formatting FROM Google Videos

 "google docs" AND formatting FROM Google Videos


How to Clear Formatting in Google Docs
By Melissa Holt on May 7, 2018 at 1:00 PM
Tek Revue



Newspaper Templates for Google Docs & Word

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 02/2018



Monday, November 20, 2017
How to Copy Comments in Google Docs
Free Technology for Teachers, 11/2017



Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Hyperdocs: Create Interactive Google Docs
Free Technology for Teachers, 10/2017



Google Docs version tracking makes collaboration easier
Keep your team work in check with new tools for the web and mobile.
by Saqib Shah
Engadget, 08/2017



Engaging Google Docs to Support Collaboration and Reflection in
Online Teacher Education
Handbook of Research on Teacher Education in the Digital Age
Advances in Higher Education and Professional Development:
Editor    Niess, Margaret L.
Publisher             IGI Global, 2015
ISBN      1466684046, 9781466684041
P. 635

“Google Docs” AND Collaboration AND SITE: MAGAZINES



Grammarly will fix your typos inside Google Docs
It's only available in Chrome for now.
Timothy J. Seppala, @timseppala

09.12.18 in Services


How to Insert Columns Into Google Docs

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 09/2016



Two Excellent Google Docs Tips for Teachers

by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 10/2016

October 24, 2016



Two Graphing Tools for Google Docs

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 08/2016

Google Docs and Graphing From Google



A Great Tool for Creating Quizzes out of Google Docs

by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 05/2018




The Built-in Google Docs Features Starter Pack

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 02/2018

I test and write about a lot of Google Docs Add-ons and built-in features.
But you certainly don't need to use all of them.



Instant Plagiarism Check Add-on for Google Docs from Unicheck

by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 02/2018




7 Must Have Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 02/2018

1- EasyBib Bibliography Creator
An easy way to create citations and bibliography lists. It supports different
formats including MLA, APA, and Harvard.

2- Kaizena
A great add-on to use to provide audio feedback on students work.
Simply highlight and record your voice comments.

3- Lucidchart Diagrams

Create and insert mind maps, diagrams, flowcharts right into your Google Doc.


4- Speech Recognition SoundWriter
A speech-to-text add-on that lets you voice type your Google Docs documents.
This one is better than the Docs built-in voice type feature.


5- Template Gallery
Provides you access to a wide variety of professionally designed document and
spreadsheet templates.


6- Table of contents
It ‘automatically creates table of contents in the sidebar that can be clicked through,
for easy document navigation.’


7- Easy Accents
Easily add accents for different languages right into your Google Docs document.



How to Add Voice Comments to Google Docs

by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 01/2018




Unicheck Add-on: Similarity Checker for Google Docs & Images for Google Docs and Slides

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 02/2018



Sync Google Docs for Offline Editing

by Tim Moynihan

WIRED, 04/2016

How to Set Up Google Drive for Offline Edits (Desktop/Browser)

How to Set Up Google Docs for Offline Edits (iOS and Android)



Checking for Plagiarism In Google Docs: Edit Where You Write
Teachers with Apps

Checking For Plagiarism In Google Docs:

 Edit Where You Write   
After recent integration with Google Classroom,
Unicheck, a leading plagiarism checker has already
announced a new add-on release for Google Docs.
What makes Unicheck Add-on a writing essential?
Saving the efforts with a new add-on
Document inspection
Reviews and Evaluations of Unicheck Plagiarism Software


Updated Menus and Toolbars Coming to Google Docs and Slides
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 12/2017



“Google Docs” AND (updates OR updated OR improvements OR changes OR improvement)

This link finds sources like these:

G Suite Updates

Google updates Docs, Sheets and Slides with new collaboration features

How to Track Changes in Google Docs [FAQ] - HubSpot Blog

Google Docs: This big update just added some serious new features
Google Docs gains new team editing features, extra add-on templates,
and integrated enterprise search.
By Liam Tung | August 17, 2017 -- 10:31 GMT (03:31 PDT) |
Topic: Enterprise Software

Google Updates Google Docs with More Editing, Search Tools | Fortune

Google Just Made a Big Update to Google Docs



How to Make eBooks with Google Docs
by Amit Agarwal
Digital Inspiration, 03/2016



Newly Released Templates for Google Docs and Sheets
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 12/2017
December 19, 2017



Some Important Google Docs Tips Teachers and Students Should Know about
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 12/2017



7 Great Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

 Educators Technology    Sunday, October 29, 2017
Easy Accents
Kaizena Shortcut
Lucidchart Diagrams
Open Clipart
Speech Recognition
Template Gallery


Monday, August 28, 2017
Three Google Docs Features New Users Often Ask About

by Richard Byrne

Free Technology for Teachers, 08/2017




Google Docs Adds EPUB Export Option
by Gary Price 
Library Journal infoDOCKET, 03/2016
Google Docs Adds EPUB Export Option

Filed by Gary Price on March 7, 2016


How to use Google Docs so students talk to you:
And how they’ll use Google Docs to check in on you
by Audrey Homan; Susan Hennessey
Innovation: Education |
Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education
at the University of Vermont, 06/2017



Adapting by Using Voice Commands in Google Docs

by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 05/2017
Sunday, May 21, 2017



Templates, Insights and Dictation in Google Docs
by Wilfred E. Drew
New Technologies for Federal Libraries, 09/2015
Google Docs shows templates for resumes, reports, letters
and you can expand the list to see even more templates


Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms now let you create custom templates
by Frederic Lardinois
TechCrunch, 11/2016


24 important Google Docs Tips and Add-ons for Teachers

 Wednesday, May 03, 2017  
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Google Docs has tons of interesting features that can immensely enhance
your productivity level as a teacher and educator.


Turn Your Google Docs Form Responses Into Beautiful Visualizations
Google Images


Figma Wants Designers to Collaborate Google-Docs Style



9 Google Docs Add-ons Teachers Should Try Out
Educators Technology    Friday, June 02, 2017

Consistency Checker

Lucidchart Diagrams
Make changes 
URL Shortener
Extensis Fonts


A New Important Feature Added to Google Docs
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 03/2017

March 29, 2017 Google Docs has released today a new interesting feature
that allows you to easily capitalize a large portion of text with a single click.


10 Google Docs Add-ons Teachers Should Know about
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 05/2017
May 22, 2017


How to Insert Google Keep Notes Into Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 03/2017


* now lets you write and collaborate in Google Docs
Romain Dillet
Tech Crunch



New Google Docs & Sheets Features for Mobile Users
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 01/2017

Google Docs for Android will now let you drag and drop to edit images,
insert headers and footers, and drag and drop text.
The latest version of Docs for iOS will also let you insert headers and footers.


8 Important Google Docs Tips for Teachers and Students
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 01/2017
January23, 2017

See revision history
Add footnotes
Allow others to suggest edits
Type with your voice
Translate a document
Check spelling
See suggested content
Insert an equation


New- Google Keep Is Now Integrated with Google Docs
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 03/2017
March 1 , 2017



How to Use Wolfram Alpha Inside Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 11/2016



Friday, November 4, 2016
How to Find Google Docs Published by Others
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers

Added Examples of “SITE:” SEARCHED  (Not from the above article)

(lesson-plan OR lesson-plans)
About 9,760 results (0.51 seconds)

(lesson-plan OR lesson-plans) AND SITE:”GOOGLE DOCS”

About 39,400 results (0.45 seconds)

(lesson-plan OR lesson-plans) AND SITE: ”GOOGLE DOCS”
About 2,480,000 results (0.47 seconds)


Avalon Project + Google Docs = Guided Introduction to Primary Sources
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 11/2016


Using Google Drive in the classroom
Interested in monitoring student work? Give feedback regularly?
Reduce student excuses? Try Google Drive!
Curated by Gerald Carey!


Add Page Numbers to Your Google Docs Table of Contents
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 10/2016
As announced earlier today on the G Suite Updates blog,
you can now create a table of contents that includes page numbers
in Google Documents.
To do so, select the numbered option in "table of contents"
in the "insert" drop-down menu.


10 of The Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 10/2016

1- Chalkup
2- EasyBib Bibliography Creator
3- Easy Accent.
4- MindMeister.
5- Lucidchart.
6- HelloSign.
7- Tag Cloud Generator.
8- Lucidchart Diagrams.
9- g(Math)
10- Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides.
January 24, 2016


How to Use Google Docs with WordPress, and Why It’s Awesome
Cision Blog
May 10, 2017
by Jim Dougherty



Google Docs helps you figure out who's responsible for tasks
by Jon Fingas
Engadget, 10/2016



"ProQuest eLibrary Editorial Websites" AND "Google Sites"



Kaizena Now Offers Rubrics to Go With Voice Comments on Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 05/2018



3 Good Google Docs Add-ons to Enhance Students Writing
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, 09/2016

Change Case
Remove Line Breaks


Google Docs gets speedy Android navigation and an outline tool
by Devindra Hardawar
Engadget, 03/2016



An Easy Way to Convert PDFs into Word Documents Using Google Docs
by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning



Write Notes and Save Bookmarks to Sync with Google Docs & Slides
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How to: Document Assembly with Google Docs (autoCrat Edition)
by Jeffrey Taylor
The Droid Lawyer, 05/2016


Soon You'll Have More Information About Who Views Your Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 03/2018


How to Set a New Default Font for All of Your Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 02/2018



How to Get Your Google Docs Footnotes Just Right
by Tim Moynihan
WIRED, 04/2016



How to get rid of a footnote on Google Docs?
The footnote number is then inserted in the text and
in the footnote area of your document.
To remove a footnote, you must remove the number in the text.
It will be a superscript number.
To delete it using your Chromebook, put your cursor after the
superscript number in the text and press the Backspace key.
April 2, 2016

How do you select a footnote number to delete it? - Google Product ...

Can you do footnotes in Google Docs?

How do you get rid of headers and footers in Google Docs?

How do you do footnotes with endnotes in Google Docs?

How do you change the font of footnotes in Google Docs?



Google Docs Insert
and Remove



YouTube - Sep 28, 2017


How to remove
header and footer
in Google docs

Sagar S

YouTube - Feb 25, 2017



How to delete
footer in Google

Sagar S

YouTube - Jan 13, 2016


Google Docs lets you limit access with an expiration date
by Nick Summers
Engadget, 03/2016

Set expiration date on Google Docs


Set the Expiration Date on Your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Slides ...


Search for: Set expiration date on Google Docs

Do Google Docs expire?


How do I grant permission to my Google Drive?


How do I remove myself from a shared document in Google Docs?



Three Options for Adding Voice Comments in Google Docs
Free Technology for Teachers,



Google Docs gets speedy Android navigation and an outline tool
by Devindra Hardawar
Engadget, 03/2016


Managing Citations (Collaboratively) in Google Docs



How Molecular Ecologists Work: Sean Hoban on Google Docs
and time-per-task calculations
by Rob Denton
The Molecular Ecologist, 01/2018

What kind of research do you?
Can you use one word to describe the way you work?
What specific strategies do you recommend for running (or establishing) a lab?
What apps/software/language/tools can’t you work without
(Python, Dropbox, Geneious, etc.)?
Where do you work with data (personal computer, lab computers, cluster, etc.)?
Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without and why?
What part of your job do you spend the most time on in a week?
What part do you wish you had more time for?
What is your best time-saving shortcut/lifehack?
How do you stay organized (to-do lists, digital reminders, etc.)?
What do you listen to while you’re working
(music, kids yelling, the hum of a supercomputer)?
What do you do to recharge outside of science?
What are you currently reading?
What is your sleep routine like?
Fill in the blank: I’d like to see _______ answer these questions.
What’s the best career advice you’ve received?


CheckMark Extension for Providing Feedback on Google Docs
Free Technology for Teachers,
Ed Tech Team




CheckMark -
Giving Feedback in
Google Docs and


Just Start Tech

YouTube - May 8, 2018



Canned Comments
in Google Docs
with Checkmark


Jen Jonson

YouTube - Sep 7, 2018



CheckMark by


Jennifer Shafer

YouTube - Oct 15, 2017


4 Math Add ons for Google Docs –
from Jennifer Carey
by Kate Wilson|
EdTechTeacher Blog,

“It allows you to create robust expressions and graphs
that you can insert directly into your Google Doc. “
“Input expressions using LaTeX, select pre-built formulas
which gMath will convert to LaTeX for you,
draw your own formula, or even speak to insert math
equations (in Chrome Only).
Check out the g(Math) guru for extensive tutorials.”


Wizkids CAS
“Allows teachers and students to harness the power of a graphing
calculator in any Google Doc.
Students can solve equations, plot graphs, find numerical and
exact solutions, simplify and factorise expressions with variables, and
drag and drop results and graphs from the sidebar.”

Formula Editor
“Formula Editor is a simple tool that lets you type
and edit mathematical equations
in the sidebar of any Google Doc.”


Seven Ways to Use Google Docs to Support Bilingual Student Writers
by EdSurge Inc
By Christina Ponzio    
Sep 25, 2017

Access to Mentor Texts
Co-Construct Criteria for Writing
Shared Writing
Real-Time Intervention
Integrating Other Supports
Transparent Revision Process
Providing Feedback



A Clever Use of Google Keep for Grading in Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers,



Tools for Tracking Collaborative Work in Google Docs
by Gary Johnston
Teaching Ahead of the Curve,


Google Docs version tracking makes collaboration easier
Keep your team work in check with new tools for the web and mobile.
Saqib Shah



An Excellent Google Docs Add-on to Search and
Insert Free Images in Your Documents
by Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
“The popular Pixabay has a cool Google Doc add-on that allows you to
search for and insert free images right in your documents. The process
is very simple: after you install the add-on in your Google Docs,
Open Pixabay Free Images, type in your query and select from the search
results images you want to add.”


Google Docs and Images      Google Web Search         YouTube        Google Videos


Two Useful Add-ons to Help You Quickly Edit Your Google Docs
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning,

“1- Doc Tools
This is a helpful add-on that combines a number of key functionalities that allow you to edit
your Google document the way you want. There are actually 13 tools you can access from
this add-on. For instance, you can use the ‘Increase font’ Decrease font’ tools to make your
text bigger or smaller, there is also a tool to ‘quickly capitalize each sentence, toggle case,
change it to uppercase or lowercase, and to start each word with a capital letter.”

2- Change case
“Enables you to make quick changes to the case of text in block selections. You can select a
text and with one click change all characters to uppercase or lowercase. You can also capitalize
only first letters or invert the case of each character.”


New Google Docs panel lets users access thousands of fonts
by Jackie Dove,



Here Is an Excellent Tool to Easily Create Quizzes, Polls and Forms from Google Docs
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning,

March 9, 2017
“GFormIt is an excellent Google Docs add-on to use for auto-generating forms from your
Google documents. We have tried it multiple times and it worked perfectly well but its only
limitation is that it supports only one type of questions. As a teacher, you may want to use it
to create quizzes and exams. You can also use it as a formative assessment tool to help you
gather feedback from your students using polls and surveys created out of questions from
a Google document.”


Long Days, Google Docs and Anonymous Surveys: How the U.S. Soccer Team Forged a Deal
New York Times (Online), 04/2017


Google Docs for Collaborative Writing Activities


Get More Room to Work In Google Docs With Just One Click
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers,

“One of the complaints that I often hear from teachers and some students about Chromebooks is
that the screen is too small. I agree. There are times when even on my full-size laptop I wish that
I had a bit more room to work. That's why when I am writing in Google Docs I often collapse the
top menu bar until I need it.”


How to Share Google Docs With People Who Don't Have Google Accounts
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers,
Wednesday, November 30, 2016



How to Share
Google Docs With
People Who Don't
Have Google ...

Richard Byrne
YouTube - Nov 29, 2016



AOBox - Share
Google Drive folder
with Non-Google


YouTube - Aug 10, 2017


Use g(Math) to use
handwriting in
Google Documents

Richard Byrne
YouTube - Apr 24, 2015


Google Docs Now Have Voice Dictation
September 3, 2015 at 11:54 am

“Google has introduced a new feature by which it is possible
to voice dictate to Google docs.  It works pretty well,
but the user needs to pay close attention, and will also have
to make use of the keyboard for corrections. With the update,
Google is trying to compete with Microsoft Office 2016, which is
expected to debut later this month.”

YouTube: Google Docs and Voice Dictation


You Can Now Edit And Format Your Google Docs By Voice

by Frederic Lardinois

TechCrunch, 02/2016


Publishing Google Docs add-ons for domain-wide installation
by Google
Google Apps Developer Blog,

Cross-posted from the Google Developers Blog



A Few Tips on Using Tables in Google Docs & Slides
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers,
Thursday, November 10, 20162016



Google Docs could make writing that term paper a little easier
by Timothy J Seppala
Engadget, 12/2016

Formatting and inserting citations into a Doc, Sheet or Slide is only a tap away.

“Formatting and inserting citations are some of the worst parts of writing a term
paper. But Google wants to help make that tedious process a little less soul-crushing.
An upcoming update to G Suite will toss those attributions in as a footnote for a Doc,
Sheet or Slide with a single tap. It's thanks in part to how the new, contextual "Explore"
tab Google launched earlier this year works.”

Google Released A New Citation Feature in Google Docs to Help You Easily Cite Your Sources
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
December 5, 2016

1- Open a Google document
2- Click on Explore at the bottom right
3- To add a citation from the web, hover over the search result and click
Cite as footnote Cite as footnote. To set the citation style as MLA, APA, or Chicago,
click More More.


How to Use the Lesson Plan Add-on In Google Docs
by Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers, 08/2016
“With the Lesson Plan Tool for Google Docs installed
you can search for lesson plan materials according to topic,
keyword, and or standard. Once you've found a resource
through the Lesson Plan Tool for Google Docs you can
quickly add it to your documents. In the video embedded
below I provide an overview of how to install and use
Lesson Plan Tool for Google Docs.”



Everything Teachers Need to Know about Explore for Google Docs and Sheets

by Educational Technology And Mobile Learning
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning,
Thursday, November 03, 2016
1- Explore for Google Docs
1- Access suggested content
2- Conduct quick searches within your document

2- Explore for Google Sheets
1- Answers to questions

2- Charts and analysis



Two Easy Ways to Create A Table of Content in Google Docs
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning,

“Both of these ways require that you create headings and subheadings
in your document. The first way is through using Google Docs' built-in
feature which can be accessed by clicking on "insert" button then select
‘table of contents’.”

“The second way is through using a third party add-on called 'Table of Contents'.
This  is a powerful Google Docs add-on that allows you to easily create
a table of content in the sidebar. The great thing about this feature besides
providing readers with a quick overview of the main points covered in your
document is that it makes it easier for them to instantly jump to any section
in the document by simply clicking on any of the headings  listed
in the table of contents.”


16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms
by Jennifer Gonzalez
Cult of Pedagogy,



Annotated Bibliography
Book Review
Collaborative Story
Media-Rich Research Paper
Super Simple Blog
Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story


Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story
Museum Kiosk
Short Film
Video Tutorial


Peer Survey
Feedback Form
Visual Representation of Data Sets

Way Beyond Worksheets



Digital Inspiration: Perform Text Analysis with IBM Watson and Google Docs
Digital Inspiration [Digital Inspiration -
BLOG], 02/2018
Web Resource





WriteWell for Google Docs:
Google Add-Ons and Chrome Extensions for Research, Writing, and Feedback
(Part 1)
EdTechTeacher Blog,




Digital Inspiration: How to Make eBooks with Google Docs
Digital Inspiration [Digital Inspiration - BLOG],




Argyll Free Press: Google Docs Just Got Ten Times Better
Newstex Global Business Blogs,

“The twist in question is nothing else than allowing its users to type,
edit and format documents – all via voice commands. So basically,
anything that you previously thought you needed at least a keyboard
for in terms of work may very well become a lot easier than ever
believed to be before.

This is a move that completes the change that first came to Google Docs
back in September 2015. At this point Google decided to add voice typing
to their Google Docs service that would allow users to compose and edit
documents a lot faster than before. However, this change felt somewhat
incomplete as it would literally only allow you to dictate text and nothing
more. Anything other, such as editing, formatting, copy pasting and so on
would still require a keyboard and a mouse most of the time.

However, the new version of Google Docs is crazily useful for anyone who
wishes to compose a document and have it all edited, formatted and ready
to go without ever needing to touch a keyboard in order to achieve that.”


Four Useful Google Docs Tricks
By Paul Boutin
August 26, 2010 11:03 am
The New York Times Blog
Group editing
Language translation

Edit scanned documents
Self-updating spreadsheets




Academic Research and Scholarly Use of Google Docs
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perceived learning and outcome quality of collaboration using Google Docs

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One hundred and eighteen Open University of Israel undergraduate students participated in
an experiment that was designed to test the differences between sharing and collaborating
on a written assignment. Participants were randomly allocated to one of five groups that …

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Researchers have many software options to write research papers on their own, but
comparatively fewer options when they want to collaborate with others. Techniques such as
Concurrent Versioning Systems and Computer Supported Cooperative Work groupware …

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Google Docs, an online word processing application, is a promising tool for collaborative
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used statistical and mathematical environments such as R and Scilab. Elastic-R enables …

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Whole class laboratories with Google Docs

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Interactive (reformed) instruction helps students develop a deeper understanding of physics,
1 a component of which is letting students explore physical phenomena first and then
building upon their experience. However, the time required for a single group to collect …

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Students working from multiple computers share a single spreadsheet in real time, using
each others' work to guide their understanding of complex calculations, while creating …

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Web office suites such as Google Docs offer unparalleled collaboration experiences in terms
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holder (Google, Microsoft, etc.) is not perceived as trusted though, those benefits are …

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The influence of psychological ownership, responsibility,
and student's attitudes on outcome quality

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tested the differences between shared-and collaborative-writing of an assignment.
Participants were randomly allocated to one of five groups that carried out different types of …

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Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to identify and understand factors that influence users'
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Design/methodology/approach–This paper develops a research model based on the …

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Collaborative lab reports with Google Docs

M Wood - The Physics Teacher, 2011 -

Science is a collaborative endeavor. The solitary genius working on the next great scientific
breakthrough is a myth not seen much today. Instead, most physicists have worked in a
group at one point in their careers, whether as a graduate student, faculty member, staff …

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Enabling, documenting, and assessing writing online

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… Recently, Google added support for Google Gears to Google Docs, probably the most
widely used tool for online text editing … Like similar Web services, Google Docs makes
it easy to share documents and to collaborate on projects …

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Like technology from an advanced alien culture:
Google apps for education at ASU

K Barlow, J Lane - Proceedings of the 35th annual ACM SIGUCCS fall …, 2007 -

… launching Gmail for ASU – students were converting their email accounts to Gmail for ASU at
the rate of 300 per hour the day the application was announced – ASU introduced to students
the Google Personal Start Page in November and Google Docs and Spreadsheets in …

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[PDF] Privacy for google docs: Implementing a transparent encryption layer

L Adkinson-Orellana, DA Rodríguez-Silva… - 2nd Cloud Computing …, 2010 -

Cloud Computing is emerging as a mainstream technology thanks to the provided cost
savings in deployment, installation, configuration and maintenance. But not all is positive in
this new scenario, user's (or company's) confidential information is now stored in servers …

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Using google wave and docs for group collaboration

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… The Google Docs experience: a group conference presentation. Section: Choose Top of page
Introduction The Google Docs experienc … The Google Wave and Google Docs experience.
Section: Choose Top of page Introduction The Google Docs experienc …

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Google Docs in higher education settings: A preliminary report

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It has been determined that students of the School of Education are widely spread
throughout the Greater Western Sydney Region and have competing schedules due to
being enrolled full time in a course and having a full time job. This makes group …

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Docs is the ability for multiple users to work on the same shared document, eliminating the
need to pass numerous drafts of a document back and forth between users. Only the most
recent version of the file is saved and stored online in Google Docs, making it unnecessary …

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One of many free survey tools: Google docs

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Google Docs is a feature from Google that allows users to collaborate on documents, forms,
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creation tool with a variety of question types that should meet the needs of most survey …

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Who needs expensive, old-fashioned office software? Now, you can do everything online,
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abled. In this paper we describe the design and implementation of a modified version of …

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Discussion has long been identified by many in the field of social studies education as one
of the most important elements of social studies instruction. However, many classroom
teachers face several challenges in implementing the strategy. As a way to combat these …

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Collaborative software tools allow people to share documents and knowledge via Internet, in
a simple, economic and efficient way. Unfortunately collaborative software often relies
heavily on visual features and dynamic technologies with user interfaces that are difficult to …

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Using Google Docs To Support Project-Based Learning.

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Abstract Project-Based Learning is a wide-ranging approach that uses authentic problems to
engage students. One of its main benefits is that it enables ideas in the classroom to be
linked with real-life. Among its limitations: it is difficult for students to collaborate on artefacts …

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method has been evaluated, along with their attitudes towards using digital documents as …

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In this article, the authors share how cloud-based applications, such as Google Calendar, Wikidot,
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plan of implementing a technology training program for customers and employees …

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in educational contexts … online document collaboration tools such as Google Docs …

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… 1. INTRODUCTION Google Docs is a cloud productivity suite and it is de- signed to make
computer-mediated collaboration easy and natural so that users can access any document they
own or that has been shared with them anywhere, any time and on any device …

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Insights from writing projects in intermediate French classes

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profitable, appli- cation like Microsoft Word, it pro- vides a taste of a cloud-based future …

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Gender and regional variability

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procedures in order to make the questionnaire available in the internet …

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… users and contact with Google Products. The other services that Google present,
is Google Docs. Google Docs is the link to the concept software as a service (SaaS)
ie a type of Cloud Computing. A web based application that …

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Learn to use and use to learn: Technology in virtual collaboration experience

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… The theme consists of five sub-themes, by the total number of different types of
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Professional, Google Docs, e-mail, Skype, and WebCT) … 4.1.4. Google Docs …

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Abstract The Rider University academic community has adopted information literacy (IL) as
one of the core learning objectives for undergraduates. The IL objectives are based on the
ACRL IL Competency Standards for Higher Education. The Moore Library developed an …

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… We retain Skype's chat mechanism, so a window available to all participants is active
throughout the review; Google Docs for shared documents. Providing a primitive
Microsoft-Word- like editing framework, Google Docs works …

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… The New Language of Qualitative Method - Google Docs Gubrium, JF and Holstein, JA (1997)
The New Language of Written in an accessible and engaging style, The New Language of
Qualitative Method can be adopted in courses across the social sciences, and may also be …

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[BOOK] The bioregional imagination: Literature, ecology, and place

T Lynch, C Glotfelty, K Armbruster - 2012 -

… To create common ground and foster conversation among the essays, we set up a Google Docs
site, where we uploaded a half-dozen core readings in bioregionalism and where contributors
could read one another's drafts, making possible many of the cross references in the …

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[PDF] How Google took over the classroom

N Singer - New York Times, 2017 -

… laptop. They opened Google Classroom, an app where teachers make assignments.
Then they clicked on Google Docs, a writing program, and began composing essays.
Looking … said. “Nowadays, we can just do it in Google Docs.” …

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… To a greater degree, Stamper uses the iPad and Google Docs forms with students
to encourage self-assessment and confidence building in language learning. In
these iPad activities, Stamper adapts Google Docs forms into …

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… The results of analysis reveal that the person's emotional response is a factor that significantly
influences the students' intention to use Google Docs … Rogers [30] argues that each innovation
has different 1 Google Docs is a cloud service provided by Google. Page 4 …

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New online technologies for new literacy instruction

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GOOGLE DOCS AND SPREADSHEETS Initially dubbed Writely and recently bought out by Google,
Google Docs and Spreadsheets ( is a program that, according to its home page,
“is a web~based word processing and spreadsheet program that keeps …

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… with “just-in-time” and “at-your-fingertips” learning opportunities and can support a wide range
of teaching and learning activities including creative and collective contribution (Twitter, Facebook),
knowledge (co-)producing (wikis, YouTube, Google Docs), communication (Skype …

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ABSTRACT Cloud computing is a general term for delivering hosted services over the Internet.
Google provides a service called Google Docs, a widely used example of cloud computing …

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… Youtube Video Create Google+ Text/URL/Photo/Video/
Files Create Google docs Text/URL/Photo/Video/Files Create Twitter Text/URL/Photo/Video Posted …
Google+ Text/URL/Photo Comment Google docs Text/URL Comment …

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… I place article in quotes because what I really have is one long text file that I edit via Google
Docs, and there is a chance that you will be reading this from an iPad, a Nook or Kindle,
or some other electronic device that is devoid of paper and ink …

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Online tools for language teaching

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… They encompass Google Docs, TitanPad, Zoho Writer,, Dropbox, VoiceThread, Xtranormal,
Flickr, Picasa, MyPodcast, PodOmatic, Glogster, Screenr, Slideshare, PhotoPeach, Dipity, OurStory,
Jing, SchoolTube, TeacherTube, VideoPress, Vimeo, WatchKnow and …

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C Lomas, M Burke, CL Page - Educause learning initiative, 2008 -

… For two hours, the researchers discussed their mutual projects and where a potential collaboration
might take place. As details emerged, Ayla sent a link to a shared document in Google Docs and
captured their ideas—in real time—for her international colleagues …

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Librarians are continually challenged to find new and better ways to collaborate. In today's
world, it has become increasingly difficult to get everyone together in the same room, much
less at the same time. But there's hope. Google Docs is an application that can help solve …

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V Southavilay, K Yacef, RA Callvo - Educational Data Mining 2010, 2010 -

… It integrates a front-end writing tool, Google Docs, which not only supports collaborative writing
activities, but also stores all revisions of documents created, shared, and written by groups of
authors. WriteProc uses two process and text mining tools, ProM [9] and TML [13] …

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New work modes for collaborative writing

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… Moreover, some existing collaborative tools can be clas- sified as belonging to several categories
represented by the CSCW matrix. For instance, it is the case of Version Con- trol Systems (VCS)
and Google Docs. VCS [7] use the copy-modify-merge paradigm …

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… Total Control Limited Tailoring SalesForce. com Google Docs Gmail Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Total Control Limited Program mability … (PaaS) Application: This layer includes pre built, network
accessible applications and services (eg, Google Docs, Salesforce, etc.) …

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That syncing feeling: early user experiences with the cloud

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… While Dropbox and Google Docs are two of the most popular, they compete with a wide range
of services with different features and cost structures … Regarding how much they used each service,
57% said that they used Dropbox frequently, followed by Google Docs at 47 …

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Saving time with technology

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… for the following day using an interactive whiteboard and microphone and posts the videos to
YouTube for students to view as homework or during part of class the next day; and (3) Holly
Zimmerman's own 10th grade English classroom where she uses Google Docs to teach …

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Ó Broin - AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and …

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Technology for tomorrow's teachers

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… A video depicting how one teacher is using Google Forms for rubric-based assessment
can be found at Google Docs is another tool college professors
can use with their students as they collaborate on work …

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A rule-based approach for effective resource provisioning in hybrid cloud environment

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… That eliminates the need to install. Yahoo mail, Google docs applications, CRM
apps, Microsoft Exchange Online, Facebook are all instances of SaaS … The DaaS could be found
at some popular IT services, eg Google Docs and Adobe Buzzword …

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… The web-based tools and services the students mainly used included POP Jisyo (an online
interactive dictionary:, YouTube, Google, Blogger (a blog publishing system
integrated as part of Google services) and Google Docs (a web-based program for word …

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… Students can open their browsers and begin to edit word process- ing documents or spreadsheets
in Google Docs or Zoho Notebook; create mindmaps in Bubbl.Us or Mindmeister; organize, share,
and swap information in Wikispaces; and even hold online meetings in Skype …

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… Twitter, and Facebook. Examples of Web 2.0 Tool Use to Enhance Reading
Engagement Example 1: Google Docs Google Docs ( is
a wiki tool available among various Google prod- ucts. A wiki is a …

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