+++ WEB DESIGN UPDATE. - Volume 17, Issue 46, May 7, 2019.

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- Volume 17, Issue 46, May 7, 2019. 

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SECTION ONE: New references. 
What's new at the Web Design Reference site? 
New links in these categories: 

03: COLOR. 
05: EVENTS. 
06: HTML. 
11: XML. 

12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

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++ SECTION ONE: New references. 


How do You Test Success Criterion 1.3.5 on Mobile Applications? 
By Chrissie Henning. 
"Here at TPG we have been asking this question and been working hard 
to fully understand this Success Criterion and provide a feasible 

Fix 85% of your Web Accessibility Issues in 5 Easy Steps 
By Alvaro Montoro. 
"…Correcting these five issue types would fix most of the 
Accessibility problems detected…" 

Happy Birthday WCAG - Now You are Twenty! 
By Lainey Feingold. 
"On May 5, 1999 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) issued a press 
release announcing the publication of the Web Content Accessibility 
Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0…" 

How Privilege Defines Performance :: #PerfMatters Conference 2019 (Video) 
By Tatiana Mac. 
"In theory, performance, accessibility, and inclusive design all have 
similar goals: Provide the best, most consistent experience to all 
people using the minimal amount of resources. In practice, this often 
falls apart…we'll examine how to build conscientiously, looking within 
to resist systematic problems in order to create more truly 
performant, accessible, and inclusive systems for our users…" 

Levy County To Adapt Documents For Visually Impaired Individuals 
By Rachel Spencer. 
"…At an April meeting, the county decided to move forward with the bid 
process for selecting an individual or firm to remediate county 
documents to comply with ADA standards. Levy County procurement 
coordinator Alicia Tretheway said she estimates the county will pay 
more than $37,000 to ensure the county's 13,177 PDF documents meet ADA 


Making Things Better: Redefining the Technical Possibilities of CSS 
By Rachel Andrew. 
Rachel's presentation material from Boston and An Event Apart. 

Digging Into The Display Property: Box Generation 
By Rachel Andrew. 
"Continuing a series on the display property in CSS, this time Rachel 
Andrew takes a look at the values which control box generation, for 
those times when you don't want to generate a box at all." 

Create a Responsive Grid Layout with No Media Queries, Using CSS Grid 
By Andy Bell. 
"Embracing the flexible nature of the web gives us powerful, resilient 
front-ends, where instead of using specific sizes, we give elements 
sensible boundaries and let them auto-fill where possible…" 

+03: COLOR. 

Use Color Accessibility Tools to Improve Your Website Design 
By Carrie Cousins. 
"Did you know that more than 4 percent of the population is color blind…" 


The Science of Silence: Intentional Silence as a Moderation Technique 
By Kate Kaplan. 
"Keeping quiet is a powerful moderation technique for user interviews, 
usability testing, and workshop facilitation. Well-timed, deliberate 
periods of silence elicit thoughtful, accurate responses and insights, 
and build trust with participants." 

Where Big Data Can't Go: The Indispensability of Qualitative Research 
in the Evolving Landscape of Measuring Behavior 
By Martin Pacino. 
"…There is no endeavor to understand and predict market conditions, 
consumer behavior, employee engagement, advertising effectiveness and 
any of the other building blocks of business success that will ever 
fully realize its objectives without qualitative research…" 

+05: EVENTS. 

Mobile Assistive Technology and Testing Techniques 
May 14, 2019. 

U / X / D: Intersections and Overlaps of Users, Experience, and Design 
May 15-16, 2019. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

Overcoming the Potential Obstacles of Manual Testing with a Screen Reader 
May 21, 2019. 

Winning at Scale - Accessibility in Design Systems & Ops 
May 28, 2019. 

Gray-Box Mobile Accessibility Testing 
June 5, 2019. 

WCAG 2.1 and Mobile Accessibility 
June 25, 2019. 

June 26-28, 2019.          
Wellington City, New Zealand 

Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) 
July 15-18, 2019. 
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. 

+06: HTML. 

Why, How, and When to Use Semantic HTML and ARIA 
By Adam Silver. 
"…Let's look over the benefits of using HTML and ARIA, why starting 
with semantic HTML is the way to go, and why ARIA ought to come in as 
a last resort…" 

Uniquely Labeling Fields in a Table 
By Adrian Roselli. 
"…if you are creating tables correctly, there isn't much extra work 
you need to do. Your column and row headers, paired with some ARIA, 
can do the job for you. I made a demo to show it in action…" 


How I Failed the <a> 
By Remy Sharp. 
"A real bug bear of mine is when JavaScript gets in the way of 
browsing a page on the web. Simple, but common things like time to 
interactive being delayed for no good reason, or, in this case, links 
that don't work like links…" 

By Jeremy Keith. 
"…If you're weighing up the pros and cons of using, say, a particular 
JavaScript library or framework, that's wonderful. My worry is that 
there are people working in front-end development who aren't putting 
that level of thought into their technology choices, but are instead 
using a particular framework because it's what they're used to." 


AMP as Your Web Framework - The AMP Blog 
By Jeremy Keith. 
"The bait'n'switch is laid bare…" 

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6 
By Chris Zacharias. 
"The bittersweet consequence of YouTube's incredible growth is that so 
many stories will be lost underneath all of the layers of new paint. 
This is why I wanted to tell the story of how, ten years ago, a small 
team of web developers conspired to kill IE6 from inside YouTube and 
got away with it…" 

Do-It-Yourself Wearable Captioning with Google's Live Transcribe - Try 
This at Home 
By  David Berman. 
"When Google worked with Dimitri Kanevsky to create their Live 
Transcribe app, they surely envisioned that people with accessibility 
needs would benefit. Even so, they probably didn't envision fast food 
servers wearing tablets." 


Type in the Digital Era is a Mess 
By Marcin Wichary. 
"…The history of web design can be seen as a set of tensions between 
designers wanting things to be positioned with utmost precision, and 
the web pushing back on some of that control…" 


Touch Targets on Touchscreens 
By Aurora Harley. 
"Interactive elements must be at least 1cm × 1cm (0.4in × 0.4in) to 
support adequate selection time and prevent fat-finger errors." 

Userfocus User Experience Consultants 
By David Travis. 
Consistency is at the heart of good product design. But consistency is 
often misinterpreted as making things look or behave the same way. 
This ignores context and can lead to a .foolish consistency". Instead 
of consistency, designers should adhere to 'the Principle of Least 

The Elements of Content Strategy 
By Erin Kissane. 
"Content strategy is essential. But where did it come from? Why does 
it matter? And what does it mean for you? This brief guide explores 
content strategy's roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not 
only how it's done, but how you can do it well…" 

A Design Language for Touch, Gesture, and Motion 
By Steven Hoober. 
"…To make sure a product gets built right, you need to write 
everything down and draw it out. You need to create design 

How Today's UX Designs May Be Perceived in the Future (Video) 
By Jakob Nielsen. 
"Jakob Nielsen answers the question of how people in the future will 
judge the quality of today's user experience." 

Recognition vs. Recall in User Interfaces  (Video) 
By Maria Rosala. 
"Design user interfaces to facilitate memory recognition which is 
easier than recall because there are more cues available to facilitate 
the retrieval of information from memory. ('Recognition rather than 
recall' is #6 on the list of top 10 user interface heuristics." 

+11: XML. 

SVG Will Save Us :: #PerfMatters Conference 2019 (Video) 
By Sarah Drasner. 
"SVGs are one of the most underutilized technologies on the web. They 
can be the most performant, flexible, and accessible image formats. In 
this session, Sarah will cover a few practical things like styling SVG 
icons like typography, and then dive into the creative wilds of this 
graphic format built with math…" 

[Section one ends.] 


+12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

Accessibility Information. 

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Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information. 

Tool Information. 

Typography Information. 

Usability Information. 

XML Information. 

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