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- Volume 17, Issue 38, March 13, 2019. 

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SECTION ONE: New references. 
What's new at the Web Design Reference site? 
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04: COLOR. 
06: EVENTS. 
07: HTML. 
10: TOOLS. 

12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

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++ SECTION ONE: New references. 


State of Accessibility in U.S. Higher Ed Institutions 
By Jiatyan Chen. 
"This paper will discuss the requirements and environment surrounding 
accessibility in Higher Ed institutions in the U.S., and their 
attempts to tackle these challenges…" 

Improving the Keyboard Accessibility of Embedded CodePens 
By Manuel Matuzovic. 
"I'm a huge fan of CodePen (No, they didn't pay me to write this). I'm 
using it for prototyping, experimenting, sharing code, and in my 
latest blog post, The Dark Side of the Grid, I'm also making use of 
their Embedded Pens…" 

What We Can Learn From the 'WebAIM Million' 
By Sheri Byrne-Haber. 
"…If you haven't run WAVE or a paid accessibility analysis tool from 
one of the industry leading vendors like Accessibility Oz, Deque, or 
Level Access on your main site and microsites, do it…WAVE results are 
what lawyers who make millions from filing accessibility lawsuits use 
to decide who to sue…" 

See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility 
By Paul Hebert. 
"When I first started learning web development I thought hiding 
content was simple: slap display: none; onto your hidden element and 
call it a day. Since then I've learned about screen readers, ARIA 
attributes, the HTML5 hidden attribute, and more…" 

Accessibility Checklists - Just say No 
By Sheri Byrne-Haber. 
"…Checklists might be thought of as handy, but are abused and 
frequently used inappropriately…" 

BingO Bakery: Headings, Landmarks, and Tabs (Video) 
By Microsoft. 
"In this fun animated video, learn how someone using a screen reader 
may use landmarks, headings and tab stops to navigate a web page…" 

Why Human Captioning? (Video) 
By Mirabai Knight. 
"This talk will address the current state of the art in automated live 
captioning and discuss why a qualified human captioner is still the 
most appropriate choice in nearly all circumstances. It will also 
indulge in a little speculation about the future of live captioning 
and how the human and automated realms are likely to intersect going 

+02: BOOKS. 

Gay, Greg et al. Web Accessibility for Developers, Ryerson University 
Pressbooks, 2019. 


Using CSS Grid the Right Way 
By Violet Peña. 
"Use names. Use frs. Don't use a grid system. Wait, what…" 

Content-Based Grid Tracks and Embracing Flexibility 
By Hidde de Vries. 
"Something I love about CSS is that it lets us define visual design 
for unknown content. This is kind of magic. We can even size things 
based on content, with min-content, max-content and auto. This post is 
about how that works in CSS Grid Layout, and what usage in real 
projects would mean…" 

Designing An Aspect Ratio Unit For CSS 
By Rachel Andrew. 
"The CSS Working Group have designed an aspect ratio unit for CSS. 
While this isn't in browsers yet, this article takes a look at the 
process of designing a new sizing method and explains how it will 

+04: COLOR. 

Tips to Create an Accessible and Contrasted Color Palette 
By Stéphanie Walter. 
"…In this article, I will present you two tools and some quick tips to 
easily create an accessible color palette for your designs…" 


Effects of Labeling the Neutral Response in the NPS 
By Jeff Sauro. 
"…Let's take a look at the research on neutral point labels on the NPS…" 

Getting an Accessibility Audit 
"Getting an expert audit can help find any accessibility problems with 
your service and make sure it meets accessibility requirements…" 

+06: EVENTS. 

WCAG 2.1 Primer 
May 20, 2019. 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

San Francisco UX Conference 
June 1-7, 2019. 
San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 

Enterprise UX 
June 3-5, 2019. 
San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 

ADA Symposium 
June 16-19, 2019. 
Dallas-Grapevine, Texas, U.S.A. 

M-Enabling Summit 
June 17-19, 2019. 
Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

Smashing Magazine Conference 
June 25-26, 2019. 
Toronto, Canada 

June 25-28, 2019.          
Wellington City, New Zealand 

+07: HTML. 

Short note: The Abbreviation Appreciation Society 
By Steve Faulkner. 
"The HTML <abbr> element is deceptively familiar and attractive, its 
been around forever (1999) and thus people assume that it does what it 
does and does it well…" 


Accessible Custom Select Component (Video) 
By Gerard K. Cohen. 
"…In this presentation, Gerard Cohen leads you down the path of 
engineering a custom select and the reasons it was necessary. Starting 
with the official ARIA pattern and native select on various platforms, 
he demonstrates the practical reasons for deviation, the pitfalls he 
ran into, and ultimately a working demo of an accessible and usable 
custom select widget that works on desktop and mobile…" 

Vue a11y 
By Vue A11Y Community. 
"Vue.js community project to improve web accessibility…" 

Building accessible-app: The Shopping Cart and aria-live Regions 
By Marcus Herrmann. 
"…this post is about the topic I wanted to cover initially - the shopping cart…" 

The 'Backendification' of Frontend Development 
By Mike Taylor. 
"Asynchronous JavaScript in the form of Single Page Applications (SPA) 
offer an incredible opportunity for improving the user experience of 
your web applications…the person with the most to gain from using CSS 
framework is the person least capable of maintaining CSS…" 


Tim Berners-Lee: 'Stop Web's Downward Plunge to Dysfunctional Future' 
By BBC. 
"Global action is required to tackle the web's "downward plunge to a 
dysfunctional future", its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has told the 

Web Turns 30, Seems Popular 
By Adrian Roselli. 
"The world wide web has officially lasted 30 consecutive years, which 
means it's catching up to its parent, the Internet, which itself is 
bearing down on 50. That's an important distinction. The Internet is 
not the web; it is the foundation on which the web was born…" 

Happy 30th World Wide Web 
By John Allsopp. 
"Today CERN is marking the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web…" 

HMTL, CSS and JS in an ADD, OCD, Bi-Polar, Dyslexic and Autistic World 
By Timothy Smith. 
"…Despite all the challenges I have faced, I feel I have mastered HTML 
and CSS and have a baseline grasp on JavaScript…Without CSS, all 
websites are perfectly responsive and look great on any device or 
screen size. We break them with CSS, then need to fix them…ponder that 
a bit…" 

+10: TOOLS. 

Contrast Analysis Widget. 
By Ada Rose Edwards. 
"…bookmarklet so you can run it on almost any site provided the 
Content Security Policy allows…" 


Filled-in vs. Outline Icons: The Impact of Icon Style on Usability 
By Curtis P. Arledge. 
"This study sought to determine whethersingle-color, 'flat' icons 
would be more quickly and accurately selected by users when presented 
in either a filled-in or outline style…" 

User Interfaces: Hiding Stuff Should be a Last Resort 
By Adam Silver. 
"Many of the components we design for the web are made to save space. 
It's interesting that we work so hard to save space on a medium where 
we have infinite space to work with." 

5 Simple Rules For Using Images More Effectively 
By Nick Babich. 
"…The process of creating or selecting visual content for your app is 
time-consuming. But there are a few tricks and tools you can use to 
simplify this task…" 

Internet of Things (IoT) and User Experience (Video) 
By Kara Pernice. 
"The Internet of Things (IoT) poses many challenges and the current 
user interfaces since these systems rarely follow even basic usability 
guidelines. UX professionals have many opportunities for contributing 
to this new generation of devices and solutions in a major way." 

Designing For Children 
By Feifei Liu. 
"Designers should consider the physical and mental abilities of 
children, as well as utilize existing UX conventions. Here are 3 
guidelines to consider when designing UX for children, based on our 
user research with users aged 3-12 years." 

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