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- Volume 17, Issue 35, February 20, 2019.

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SECTION ONE: New references.
What's new at the Web Design Reference site?
New links in these categories:

06: HTML.
09: TOOLS.
12: XML.

13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web: A Smashing Video
By Bruce Lawson.
"In this Smashing TV webinar recording, join Léonie Watson (a blind
screen reader user) as she explores the web, and find out about some
unexpected properties of HTML elements that not only have a huge
impact on accessibility, but also turn out to be pretty good for
performance, too…"

PDF Accessibility Training (Videos)
By Microsoft.
"This PDF Accessibility training series was provided to Microsoft
employees on creating accessible PDF documents. Use these videos,
along with documentation…"

Tips for Making Accessible Emails: Text Alternatives for Images
By Anthony Vasquez.
"Among the most pervasive barriers that I encounter online are images
with missing or unhelpful alt text…"

WCAG 2.1 a Welcome Update to Web Accessibility
By Joseph C. Dolson.
"…applying the guidelines in WCAG 2.1 as your new accessibility
standard could save effort and money down the line."

Why Do We Celebrate Inaccessible Design?
By Doug Ross.
"Web designers, UX designers and developers alike have, as a whole,
historically underestimated (or not even considered) the opportunities
that designing for accessibility provides for their disciplines…"

Amplify Austin's 2019 Campaign Still Not Accessible
By Nicolas Steenhout.
"…Findings: …Animation on the home page…They replaced the carousel by
a large video that autoplays, with no way to stop the animation. This
will have a significant impact on people who have ADHD, or people with
Traumatic Brain Injuries, among others… Focus not visible… Poor color
contrast… Multiple 'learn more' links …No captions on video… Input
fields without labels… Hover only events… Resize breaks layout…"

Convincing Engineers on the Need for Accessibility
By Kim Krause Berg.
"I was asked this question. 'How would you convince 90 engineers to
incorporate accessibility in with design and development?' I had to
admit that despite the ideas popping into my mind, I didn't have an
answer I liked. The question nagged at me…"

Embedding Accessibility SMEs in Remote Teams
By Sheri Byrne-Haber.
"…Utilizing embedded accessibility team members can be a very
successful and fiscally prudent strategy for an accessibility program
that is currently ranging in maturity from 'almost level 3' to 'just
hit level 4.'…"


Making Future Interfaces: Algorithmic Layouts (Video)
By Heydon Pickering.
"Learn how to create CSS layouts that are self-governing, using
Flexbox and Grid…"

Making Future Interfaces: Custom Properties (Video)
By Heydon Pickering.
"Learn all about CSS custom properties with this handy (and slightly
odd) guide…"

Making Future Interfaces: Unusual Shapes (Video)
By Heydon Pickering.
"Your guide to making and wrapping shapes in CSS, using things like
border-radius, clip-path, the CSS Shapes spec', and paint worklets…"

How @supports Works
By Chris Coyier.
"CSS has a neat feature that allows us to test if the browser supports
a particular property or property:value combination before applying a
block of styles - like how a @media query matches when, say, the width
of the browser window is narrower than some specified size and then
the CSS within it takes effect…"

More Logical Properties
By Rachel Andrew.
"…These properties and values are helpful if you are developing sites
for multiple writing modes but should also be useful if you are using
writing modes creatively. It's nice to see the browser implementations
adding more support for the spec."

+03: DRUPAL.

Why You Should Start Planning Your Migration to Drupal 8 and 9 Now
By Adrian Bateman.
"…In this blog, I'll outline seven reasons to choose Drupal 8 over its


Statistical Significance in UX (Video)
By Kate Moran.
"If you're working on digital products, you should be familiar with
what statistical significance means in the context of UX research.
Otherwise your decisions may be based on meaningless numbers that
could be due to pure chance and not a reliable difference between
design options."

It's Never a Good Time to Do Research
By Erika Hall.
"Which is why you should be doing research all the time…"

How Does Did Recommend Differ from Likely to Recommend?
By Jeff Sauro.
"…we'll examine how asking people whether they recommended something
(recalling the past) differs from asking whether they will recommend
(a future prediction of behavior). Are you really asking something
different? If so, how do they differ and what problems arise from
using only reports of past behavior to predict future behavior…"

+05: EVENTS.

Accessibility Empathy Lab at World Information Architecture Day
February 23, 2019.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

Add Accessibility to Your Process the Easy-ish Way
March 6, 2019.
Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

UX Burlington
May 3, 2019.
Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.

CHI 2019
May 4-9, 2019.
Glasgow, Scottland

An Event Apart Boston
May 6-8, 2019.
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

HOW Design Live
May 7-10, 2019.
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

UXPA Conference
May 10, 2019.
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

+06: HTML.

Is Input type="date" Ready For Use in Accessible Websites?
By Graham Armfield.
"…This post takes input type="date" for a test drive with a selection
of browsers and assistive technologies to see how usable the control
is in early 2019…"


CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild
"In December 1990, an application called WorldWideWeb was developed on
a NeXT machine at The European Organization for Nuclear Research
(known as CERN) just outside of Geneva. This program - WorldWideWeb -
is the antecedent of most of what we consider or know of as "the web"
today. In February 2019, in celebration of the thirtieth anniversary
of the development of WorldWideWeb, a group of developers and
designers convened at CERN to rebuild the original browser within a
contemporary browser, allowing users around the world to experience
the rather humble origins of this transformative technology…"

By Jeremy Kieth.
"……That's the website we built. The call to action
is hard to miss: "Launch WorldWideWeb" Behold! A simulation of using
the first ever web browser, recreated inside your web browser…"


UX101: Building Data-Driven User Journeys
By Jess Vice.
"In user experience, the user journey (sometimes known as a customer
journey or the process of journey mapping) is the visualization of how
real humans perceive and interact with your organization…"

+09: TOOLS.

AInspector WCAG Add-on for Firefox Now Available
By Jon Gunderson.
"For people who used AInspector Sidebar extension for Firefox it has
been upgraded to work with Firefox Quantum and has been re-branded
AInspector WCAG…"


Interactive Typography Cheatsheet
By Christian Heilmann.
"A few weeks ago I stumbled across a great resource, a typography
cheat sheet explaining the proper names of all the different parts of


Don't Get Clever with Login Forms
By Brad Frost.
"…Let's walk through some login patterns and why I think they're not
ideal. And then let's look at some better ways of tackling login.
TL;DR; create login forms that are simple, linkable, predictable, and
play nicely with password managers…"

Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes
By Jakob Nielsen and Page Laubheimer.
"Application usability is enhanced when the UI guides and supports
users through the workflow."

Designing Effective App Permission Requests
By Maria Rosala.
"App permission requests are an important part of the overall user
experience, yet they are often neglected by app designers. Here are 3
tips for designing them well: get content, timing, and decision
reversal right, or users will just say NO."

UX Retrospectives 101
By Rachel Krause.
"Retrospectives allow design teams to reflect on their work process
and discuss what went well and what needs to be improved. These
learnings can be translated into an action plan for future work."

+12: XML.

Making Future Interfaces: Inline SVG (Video)
By Heydon Pickering.
"There's SVG, and there's inline SVG. Learn why raster images suck,
what's better about SVG, how to hand code SVG, and how to make
generative art with SVG and JavaScript…"

[Section one ends.]


+13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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Association Information.

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Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

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Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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