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Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter

Vol. 15, No. 8

April 30, 2016

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Examples!  Social Psychology is everywhere, so so are examples of it.  But I can't get enough of them, and I'm always looking for newer ones.  What are two or three of your favorites examples of social psych concepts or ideas?  Send them to me and I will share them with the group.  They can be personal observations, anecdotes, videos, articles, etc.   I know it is the end of the semester for some of you, so whenever you can ... send me a couple examples.  They will be much appreciated.

Activities and Exercises

Conformity:  Social rituals



         Conformity:  Authority



         Prank caller convinces employees at a fast-food restaurant that he is a fire official, and he convinces them to
smash out the windows of the restaurant.  It happened at more than one restaurant.  The second link is to a string of

         prank calls from someone pretending to be a police officer.

        Gender & Culture: Stereotyping


        Women have a "bitch-switch" according to CEO Jose dos Santos.

        Gender & Culture: Institutional discrimination


        Actress Carrie Preston says she tried and failed to get equal pay.

        Prejudice: Institutional racism


        "Man sentenced to die after 'expert' testified that Black people are dangerous."

        Prejudice: Institutional inclusion


        "Target [U.S. store chain] says transgender people can use bathroom that aligns with their identity."

        Prejudice: Stereotyping


        "UC Berkeley student questioned, refused service after speaking Arabic on flight."

        Prejudice:  Who's that in the bathroom?



        The first link is to a story and video of a man who followed a woman into the women's bathroom because he thought
she might be a man.  The second link is to a video of police forcing a lesbian to leave the women's bathroom because she
can't prove she is a woman.


Topic Resources

Aggression: No mass shootings in Australia since 1996


April 28, 1996 was a very fateful day in Australia.  Read about it and its aftermath.

Aggression: The Kobe Bryant rape case


As NBA superstar Kobe Bryant retires this year, this excellent essay reviews another chapter from his life and
its influence on subsequent rape accusations.

Attraction & Relationships: "Does frequent sex lead to better relationships?"


Newlywed couples who have a lot of sex don't report any greater happiness explicitly, but implicitly they do.  I
think the lesson here is if you are going to get married, marry a newlywed!

Attraction & Relationships: "Responsive partners show two kinds of empathy"


Conflict & Peacemaking: Reducing conflict through intergroup contact


Recent research conducted in the field

Gender & Culture:  Stereotypes of men and women in science


This research finds that people's stereotypes of men align with their stereotypes of scientists, but their
stereotypes of women do not.

Gender & Culture: Women Air Force service pilots


Fascinating history from World War II of the first women to fly for the U.S. military

Gender & Culture: Cheerleader "Do's and Don'ts"


"A flyer advising women on how to audition for the University of Washington's cheerleading squad ignited a
controversy Wednesday over female body image and how far educational institutions should go in sexualizing their

Prejudice:  "Sexual orientation, controversy, and science"



The latest issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest provides a very thorough review of both the
science and the politics of this topic.  The second link is to a brief story about the article.

Prejudice: "To be Arab and American"


A lot of good resources in this essay

Prejudice: "Talking to people about gay and transgender issues can changes their prejudices"


From research in Science 

Prejudice: "When the majority becomes the minority"


The face of America is changing.  How will Whites handle no longer being the majority?  So far, it hasn't been
pretty.  This article looks at research in America and Australia.

Prejudice: "It takes a village to bully a transgender kindergartner"


Social Judgment: Intuition and unconscious influence on decision making


Some fascinating research

Technology in Teaching


Persuasion:  World War I propaganda posters


From Learn NC


Attraction & Relationships/Social Judgment: Non-verbal communication (1:29:53)


Here are a series of talks from a panel on non-verbal communication at the 2015 International Convention of
Psychological Science.

Gender & Culture: Mean tweets about female sports reporters (4:15)


Prejudice: Honey Maid takes on Islamophobia in America (0:31)


Prejudice: Sexual racism in online dating (5:27)


A humorous look from The Daily Show -- warning: language

Prejudice: Harriet Tubman on the U.S. $20 bill (4:07)


A humorous take from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

The Self:  Self-knowledge (45:13)


At the 2015 APS Convention, Timothy Wilson gives a talk entitled, "Strangers to ourselves: The limits, sources,
advantages, and disadvantages of self-knowledge."

How Do You ... ?

Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their courses? Then send

me your "How Do You..?" question and I will try and post it here. If I get some answers I will post them in the

following issue.

Request Line is Open! 

Yes, I take requests; in fact, I encourage them. Are there particular types of resources you would like examples

of? Particular topics you are interested in? Teaching tips? Technology tips? I want to tailor this newsletter to

your needs. So, please feel free to send me your requests, suggestions, comments and resources. Send them

directly to me (jfmueller@...) or by replying to this message.

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