The Eden EcoVillage Community Project

What is needed now is a new vision of an EcoVillage that will be big enough to reach that critical mass necessary to become a fully Self-Sustainable Community that can balance all of its own needs for food, water, homes, jobs, health and education.  

We will be able to help each other build passive solar homes on our 3 acre homesteads, in a circle all up and around the rim of the valley and with a view across the open space, with no one in front of you and no one behind.  

Another 2 acres each as farmsites right down in the deep valley soil to practice Permaculture and small farming. That's 5 acres for each family. But it's not about personal ownership, it's about Land Stewardship and Restoration Ecology. We do have Meetings. 

We will use Solar Power and other energy alternatives like Wind and Water to power our own natural alternative homes that we will build in all different ways. We will create our own jobs and a way of life that works on a Human Scale within our own Self-Sustainable MicroEconomy. - T

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