This group was founded in 2006, and is for discussion and assistance with 1 & 2 cylinder REO automobiles produced from 1905 - 1910 and the 1-cylinder Model H REO truck produced in 1911-14. All discussion regarding these cars and related activities is welcome, including restoration, maintenance, touring, cars & parts needed or for sale, etc. The site also provides some space for photos and files, and a registry of REO group 1 & 2 cylinder vehicles. Verification is required when joining. 

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The REO 1&2 group on Facebook - or search for 1 & 2 Cylinder REO Horseless Carriages and join the group. 
The REO club America -

Discussions to be civil, and related to the cars & events. Political & derogatory comments are not welcome. Violators & spammers will be banned.

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ATTACHMENTS: Photographs and other files can be sent as attachments to the group, as well as posted to the PHOTOS and FILES sections of the site.

The EarlyREO wiki, a reference site- be sure to check it out at,

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