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This group is for discussion and assistance with 1 & 2 cylinder REO automobiles produced by the REO Motor Car Company from 1905 - 1910, and the 1-cylinder Model H REO truck produced in 1911-14. All discussion regarding these cars and related activities is welcome, including restoration, maintenance, touring, cars & parts needed or for sale, etc. The site also provides some space for photos, files, registry, and tech info wiki. (You need to join to access). Email and name verification are required to join the group. 

You can join the REO club of America and get more REO info at https://reoclub.org/
See also the REO 1&2 group on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/253255575083896/ or search for 1 & 2 Cylinder REO Horseless Carriages and join the group.

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