"What if?" Post-1950 narrow gauge ET&WNC discussion

Lee Bishop

William Uffelman

Lost my NGDF  credentials but the room sized HOn3 plan that MR published ages ago would make a great tourist RR as it had all the key scenic features.

The On30 plan that Dr Tom is building from would work too.

Bill Uffelman 

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Lee Bishop

The guy who started that thread has a few other "What if?" posts but it's an interesting question.
A friend of mine in the hobby and I have bat this around for a while and I based my response on a lot of what we came up with for any plausible version of the ET&WNC surviving past the 50s.
We agreed a EBT-style scenario (where a scrap company bought the line and then just sat on it) wouldn't work for how desirable the right of way was after the 3-footer stopped running. It would have taken something really important found up in the hills, in an area where the road wouldn't have gotten to it easily. Must like the D&RGW had those issues with the oil fields and crummy roads prevented any other way to get up there than the 3-foot trains...
Normally, I tire easy of the what-if things, but I'd love to hear any other opinions on this subject.
Just the idea of a ET&WNC that still existed to Cranberry, with trains like you now see on the D&RGW segments and the White Pass, with 9, 11 and 12 still in existence (and the Blowing Rock park with just White Pass power and called something else), that's a powerful dream...
Lee Bishop
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Hi Lee,
I was one of the people that responded on the other site.  I am attaching a link to the Mindat mineral website.  The interactive map shows magnatite mineral discoveries around Elk Park and Cranberry, the magnatine/hematite mine at Cranberry, and multiple feldspar discoveries a little beyond Cranberry in two directions.  One feldspar source was discovered in 1962.

Here is a link to an article describing how important the Spurce Pine district is for mica and feldspar.

Avery County - mines and minerals information:


Mike West

The first wines in the New World were grown in NC and there are still many wineries throughout the state. On my G scale version of the ETWNC, the Cranberry Store has been turned into a winery with an additional siding. See it on YouTube Mike West train 2019.