Question about CC&O in Johnson City

Chris Ford


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I got this following email, and while it is technically not an ET&WNC question, it is related to Johnson City's yard and the CC&O. Here's the question, anyone have any ideas about an answer? If so, I'll pass those along to the questioner. If this is not considered relevant enough for this forum let me know and I'll push it out to another group or have the original questioner push it.

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Here's the question....
I have a Johnson City railroad question and I thought I would ask you to see if anyone in your group may know.
It is not a ETWNC question, but rather a CC&O question.
The CC&O Johnson City Yard and siding was called Barrett.
Would anyone in your group/membership know how Barrett received its name?


Scott Jessee
13474 Covington Drive
Athens, Alabama   35613

Thanks again!

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society