new research article on Historical Society website

Chris Ford

Hey y'all,

Just an update for you that there's a new research article posted on the Historical Society the Histories section. This new 214 page article by William Schneck, Jr. (who also brought us the Cranberry history) is a history of the Johnson City streetcars aptly named "A History of the Johnson City & Carnegie Street Railway And the Johnson City Traction Company." Reading the history of the streetcar lines also gives you a good look into early Johnson City history. Thank you Bill!

We're continuing to have the Society website host important historical materials that would otherwise not have a good place to reside and be seen and used. It's great research material and makes for good reading. We'd like to host me if you have appropriate research materials that you'd like to share.

Check it out! Go to the website here and select Histories....


Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society