Group t-shirts?

Lee Bishop

I started thinking about the comments about ET&WNC shirts from the past.
Sure, there are a few here and there being made. I have one from the Avery County Museum with caboose 505 on it, I also have all of the ET&WNC themed shirts from Mohawk Designs, but there have also been some neat ones in the past.
I still have a 1990s shirt my parents bought for me in Johnson City during what I think was a Watauga chapter NRHS trip. It’s a grey shirt with a color side view of #12  and the road name in gold lettering. I didn’t want to wear it out so even after all these years, I’ve probably only worn it a dozen times.
I know there are people here with good graphics experience, and likely some who ‘knows a guy’ with a screen printing press.
Isn’t it time for some group or simple ET-theme t-shirts? Couldn’t they be sold through the group at the Carter museum at ETSU?
Just a thought.
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge