ET&WNC rolling stock kits for sale

Chris Ford

Hey all,

I'm pareing down my HOn3 ET model kit collection...have to every 20 years or so, you know!  :)  Thought I'd offer them first to folks who might appreciate them a little more than the typical Ebay buyer. I have links to photos of what I have for sale...note that I may have specific numbers that I am selling. All prices are what I paid for them or less. I'll probably add a nominal $5 to each order for shipping. Please contact me off-list with any inquiries!

Here's what I have...

David Hoffman boxcar kits. A real good mixture of different length boxcars, and types of trucks. Some of the boxes contain 3 complete kits and some single kits. The single kit boxes are $30 and the trios are $85, The 4 un-marked ones in the photo are for sale.

These really nice and heavy David Hoffman brass gons are $30. I have 3 for sale.

I am going to sell 8 sets of the David Hoffman McCord trucks. They're marked $12. I'd like to sell all 8 in one batch.

This box has 4 Jim King flat car kits in it. Bought the kits direct from Jim King and asked for no trucks or couplers since I had trucks from Hoffman. These are all in one box so you'll have to take all 4 of them. I'll sell the box for $30.

Have 5 of these Jim King hopper kits for sale...the ones in the black boxes. An old Stemwinder listed them at $32, will sell for $25 each.

Have 2 of these for sale. Dean Smith did a review of this $14 kit in the 4/2 1992 Stemwinder.

Thanks for looking! Give me a shout, off-list please!

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society