April Historical Society Newsletters

Chris Ford

Letting Historical Society members, and those who are not yet members, know that the April 2021 Society Newsletter has been put in the mail by our illustrious treasurer Patricia Jennings.

Thank you Patricia for stuffing, addressing and stamping all those envelopes, and thank you Curtis Brookshire for gathering and writing all the ET news.

The April issue is usually out on April 1 because we have to have Convention notice out to the members 60 days before a Society Convention. It worked out well because we have no Society Convention this year and there were several newsworthy items that came to light in late April.

So, it's in the mail and will be posted to our website along with all the other newsletters there at a later (soon) date.

Thanks for everyone's support, and know that all the IO emails about ET subjects are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again, and have a good rest of your weekend!

Chris Ford
President - ET&WNC Railroad Historical Society