NARC 1 with 3-footer trains?

Lee Bishop

I've never understood why I have yet to see a photo of the North American Rayon 0-6-0 fireless in any proximity of 3-foot gauge trains on the ET at Bemberg/Port Rayon. The Porter came to the plant in the 30s, so how come you never see photos of it in operation neat the narrow gauge? I know the ET ten-wheelers did switch cars near and into the plants at some point.
For that matter, I don't remember seeing any photos of NARC 1 earlier than the 50s or so, now that I ponder on it.
Anyone ever see shots earlier than that, or the fireless cooker near the 3-foot gauge stuff?
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge

johnny graybeal

The earliest photo I have seen is a photo Delmar Loudermilk took around 1950, when he was young. The narrow gauge rails came out of the Bemberg/NARC facilities when the 204 and 205 were delivered in 1939 and 40. 
Johnny Graybeal