O scale details for ET&WNC 209/210?

Lee Bishop

O scale details for ET&WNC 209/210?
Hello all,
In my teens, I took an Atlas HO scale RS-3 and painted it as ET&WNC 210. I used an article I found on making a Southern RS3 out of the thing, and of course they made the SRR style bell/bracket and the marker lights in HO.
I sold the thing when I got out of HO many years ago and I have to admit, I wonder if it’s still marked up like that on someone’s layout…
Anyway, I’ve toyed around for a while with the idea of making an O scale version, even though I only model narrow gauge. Just something to run somewhere if I ever get the chance, probably in 3-rail but one of the more accurate models around.
I remember how I did the decals (using the SRR diesel set that has the Savanna & Atlanta road name, you can build ET&WNC out of that in the correct SRR typeface, Microscale made that set in o scale, too), but I have no idea if anyone makes a SSR-style bell/bracket as well as the correct marker lights in O scale.
Does anyone know?
Lee Bishop
Owner, Stoney Creek branch of the ET&WNC in On30 gauge


I've considered making an O Gauge 209/210 using a Lionel RS-3, as well as 207/208 with an MTH "Railking" 2-8-0, so this information really WOULD be helpful!