Flag stops?


I'd Imagine that the ET&WNC, being as laid back as they were, stopped for anyone who flagged the train.

Steve Austin

1995 I was traveling via Amtrak from Moab, Utah to Denver. The train travels about 40 north of Moab. 

The Amtrak conductor the day before told me when I first see the train coming around "that" curve at 82 miles per hour I should stack my luggage as tall as I could and wave my hat like crazy.

Sure enuf, the train stopped for me and I made it to Denver to put on the seminar I was scheduled for. (My fallback was to re-rent the car I had used to visit Arches and drive like h... to get to Denver.)

johnny graybeal

There were many flag stops,but I have never seen anything that talked about a flag. It boiled down to if you were at the shelter/stop the train stopped. I assume you had to wave the train down, so I would say they should be a Wave Stop. :) I suspect someone standing there with an arm in the air waving down the train.
Johnny Graybeal

Lee Bishop

I have all the books on the ET&WNC, but I don't recall ever seeing anything about the use of flag stops along the route. Were there any flag stops? If so, what color flag did they ever use to signal the crew to stop?
I'm asking as I was thinking of adding a flag at a small depot on my ET-themed layout and would like to get the color of the flag correct if they ever did this.