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I believe John Waite and I were the only two actively modeling the ET&WNC in Sn3....we were able to convince a few manufactures to make limited run items in addition to the excellent Railmaster loco kits. BTS did the thru covered bridge and we had a custom run of hoppers done in resin.  Most everything else we needed/wanted except the ten wheelers is available by modifying items already on the market.

My modeling is currently on hold as have moved to Sydney Australia for the next couple of years. (New job and adventure).  Upon our return I hope to restart my efforts.

Take care all.


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Subject: Re: [ETWNC] Cranberry Depot by CCK
Tuhr Barnes is/was modeling Tweetsie in Sn3. Had a layout under construction using foam for most of the structure. There are Sn3 loco kits that are useful for Tweetsie.

All that said with Bachmann's 4-6-0 and components for converting bachmann passenger cars there should not be an issue in building On3/30 layouts- just saying! Create the demand for 1/48 structures.

Bill Uffelman

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Really, can anyone explain this to me? When I was building my layout, I wanted to build a Hampton covered bridge to cover the end of the 'staging' portion to hide the track just ends there. Turns out I didn't have room for it anyway, but someone makes it in S scale. Really? Does anyone model the ET&WNC in S scale?
Western Rails makes some excellent stuff, things I would for sure buy, but very little of it in O.
I can't think of a single ET&WNC structure kit made in O scale, either. Heck, if someone did a Bemberg depot kit in O, even though I have no room for one (and my layout theme wouldn't allow for it), I'd have to buy and build it just because!