Help the SE Narrow Gauge and Shortline Museum

Patrick Leonard

It appears that you can vote for more than one group.  Don't do it!  A vote for another org might just push them ahead of the museum.

Curtis Brookshire

Matt Bumgarner sent the below message out a couple of days ago. You can help the museum win a grant. All it takes is a daily vote at the below website. I've done this before and it won't hurt your internet privacy or hack your computer. (I didn't give the site any additional permission either) I feel this is a worthy cause as they have some rare items and this will help towards restoration and upkeep. Visit them in Newton, NC when you have a chance.

Curtis Brookshire, Pine Level NC

The SE Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum could use your help to win $25,000 for the museum. Please go to this website for Capital Bank, create an account, and vote ONCE DAILY for the next two weeks. The top 30 are eligible for a BIG grant... This could almost fund the museum's operation for the year..  PLEASE HELP NOW AND HELP DAILY... Please SHARE with your friends....