Re: New Kits

Phread <fred1945@...>


The ET & WNC 4-6-0's look really good, but the $700 price tag is a bit much!


Curtis Brookshire wrote:

From: "Curtis Brookshire" <>

Linville Depot and piggyback flats. Great to hear more ET&WNC kits going on
the market. We need to get this information in the model press. Hope Dan
McKee (Key Imports) is paying attention.

P-L-E-A-S-E everyone, if you have not reserved a Key ET&WNC ten wheeler and
have any intentions of purchasing one, do so soon. Key will only produce
them when he gets enough reservations. Realize it's a powerful commitment,
but that's the only way we'll see them.

Thanks Les, Jim and Phread for the latest kit announcements.


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