Re: Hike finalization

David Pressley

But Jerry, golf is boring!

gledford55 <> wrote: --- In, "Jonathan Pleasant"
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I did what I accomplished: I walked from Boone to Johnson City
though it took me five days instead of four.
Congrats! I am doing something just about the same as you. Myself
and a fellow named Ron Sullivan are hiking and mapping with a GPS
the old logging railroad grades in the Great Smoky Mt. National Park
on the North Carolina side. Some differences are;

1. We are 25 miles from anybody's back yard.
2. The railroad grades are there but are overgrown and impassable in
places. Rhododendron likes to grow on rail grade. Usually the best
way is around it, not through it.
3. Bear signs are evident.
4. Artifacts are abundant. There is a lot of rail, ties, spikes,
remnants of trestles, a 17 foot long stationary boiler, steel cable,
stoves, journal boxes from logging cars, couplers, wheels, the list
goes on. It was all left as it was when the companies stopped
logging and the park started.
5. You have a great map of the line, in many cases we have nothing
but a starting point.

When we get around to doing the creeks on the north shore of Fontana
Lake, we will have to establish a base camp on a creek and research
from there. This could take years of walking to cover the whole area.
But it is fun to discover stuff.

Golf would be much easier!

Jerry Ledford


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