Re: North Carolina layouts

David Pressley

Layouts - OK.

In a basement room at my home in Mars Hill (95 miles from Hickory, less to Tweetsie itself) I have an N scale layout. It's stationary and shaped kind of like a question mark. 'Benchwork' is five hollow core doors bought at Lowe's. Trackwork is mostly Atlas. I can have up to five trains running at one time. Limit is three trains running if I'm also trying to carry on a conversation!

No particular prototype - just a bunch of stuff that interested me at one type or another. One of my curves resembles Southern Railway on Old Fort Mountain. Another section clearly resembles the Georgetown Loop in Colorado. Then we have the viaduct sailing over a small town which went in shortly after a 2001 trip to Steamtown and a visit to the nearby Tunkhannock Viaduct in Nicholson, PA. That was my 'Lackawanna' period.

The trains themselves are eclectic - a pair of short freights hauled by Kato Mikados, a heavyweight passenger train (Santa Fe coaches) pulled by a Bachman Southern Railway 4-8-2 in that wonderful green color scheme, a long freight pulled by a pair of Kato Erie Lackawanna F units (looks great on that viaduct), a couple of Southern Railway passenger trains with Kato E-8's up front, another heavyweight passenger train of B&O coaches hauled by a L&N E-6.......and oh yes, an Amtrak train hauled by a Kato E-9 in the early 1970's red nose scheme with half a dozen piggy-back flats (to simulate the roadrailers of recent lore) tagging behind. Again, just an eclectic mix of whatever struck my fancy at any given time.

David wrote:
The TweetsieLD group is discussing layouts.
Thought I would bring up the question.
How many layouts are there in Western North Carolina? Has anyone ever seen a number?
It was discussed at the train show in Hickory last April, in regard to the number of railroad modelers in the area.
So, if you know of a Good train layout, say within an hours drive of Hickory, email me off list. I mean a running layout, completed to some degree. Stationary and not modular. Individual and group.
Any scale, any prototype. Extra points if it is narrow gauge. Ha. Ha. Double points if it has been featured in a magazine.
Pass this note on to other groups if you like.
Once I get a question in my head it bugs me.
Johnny Graybeal

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