Re: ET&WNC artifact

David Pressley

Might look nice at Spencer sitting there with Combine #15 though....... wrote: It is very nice to read that people are excited about preserving an ET&WNC artifact. I do think I should point out some things however. All from Volume 5, so grab your copy.
The ET&WNC was one of the first railroads to actually carry truck trailers on railroad cars. A book I have seen, but did not buy, on piggybacking, says the first railroad to do it Grand Trunk Western?, started the practice mere months before the ET did it. Thus they were certainly the first narrow gauge to do so.
Operations on the ET were for only about 16 months (from memory, I don't have a copy of volume 5 in front of me), andthe number of trailers carried were never that large.
In the main they carried the standard 24' trailer. No. 900 was built to carry 28' trailers. see the pictures to see the difference in size. The trucking company kept track of the number of miles of rr miles per month, for they were charged by the mile.
What I would like to point out is that the number of rail miles was less than 1 tenth of one percent the highway miles each month. The comparison numbers are staggering, and this is 1936.
And lets admit it, I think we are interested in this trailer mostly because it looks like a photo in Tweetsie Country. I can categorically state that the trucking company had hundreds, if not over a thousand trailers while the RR was hauling one or two a day. The odds of this trailer, even if it is old enough to have, ever being carried over the railroad are probably astronomical.
Now it is great that one of the old trailers is still around. But we have had this discussion before. Most people are on this list because they are interested in the railroad, not the trucking company. Far less interest in trucks.
As far as the value. It would be an uphill battle to convince a museum that this trailer was carried piggyback on the narrow gauge. That would probably be the only hook that would interest them at all.
Mike Hardin might buy it, and I would welcome him preserving it. I just cannot see a museum being all that interested.
Just my two cents worth.
Johnny Graybeal

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That makes sense. I must agree with you that if you've aquired it anmd
it's legally yours, you indeed have the right to do whatever you want
with it.
That being said, I would suggest you at least give the opportunty to
someone who'd preserve it to get the whole thing.
But THAT being said, I have dealt with situations like this and it's
very common for preservation groups to automatically assume you'll
donate an item when you bring it up and to get really snippy when you
want money.
And THAT still being said, if it's yours, then you have a right to be
paid for it if that's what you want.

--- In, "nik3v" <nik3v@...> wrote:

I would not consider vandalizing. The trailer is being used for
storage and is in reasonably good shape. Would only remove with
authority to do so. I am expecting the trailer to be in my possesion
very soon which is the reason for my original post. I don't want to
sound overly greedy, but as I said I hope to finance part of my live
steam activities. Maybe the society would have someone who would
to acquire it from me and donate it. I should be able to post
pictures Monday or Tuesday.
Going bowling now will check posts tommorrow.

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