Re: ET&WNC Movies return

David Pressley

One of the better railfan evenings I've ever had was at ETSU last February for the ET&WNC movie night.

Is there any chance that these films will ever be reproduced on VHS and DVD so that we fans may buy them and enjoy them in our own homes over and over? I particularly enjoyed the football special to Boone complete with 1930's era marching bands at halftime.

David Pressley

Ken Riddle <> wrote:
Norma tells me that the Archives of Tweets-alachia got the Jack Alexander movies back in 16mm restored and they look fantastic. They got not only new prints in 16mm (the other was 8mm), but beta and digital video and new 16mm negatives. They spent nearly nine grand on this, so you all need to email that college (ETSU in Johnson CIty) and thank them for doing this.

The originals had "vinegar syndrome" where the acetate in the film decomposes to acetic acid and carbon dioxide, and in a very short time the originals would have been gone forever.

The colors are much different and more vivid than the last time we saw them. Norma said she is afraid to show them to you all because you might start arguing over the bridge colors again. It really is quite amazing. You all talk to her right and she might show them to you at the convention if you would like to see them. You won't believe the difference in what you have seen, both in exposure, clarity, and brilliance of color.

THis lab was in California, and did a state of the art job with the old movies.

Hats off to everyone involved with this---Jack, Vince, Mr. Hobbs for letting them do it, Carmen Ryan, John Waite for having sense enough to bag it and turn loose of it so it could be saved, Norma, The National Film Preservation Foundation, and everybody else who had anything to do with the production and saving of this priceless footage,

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