Re: Mr. Crumley's pictures online

David Pressley



These photos are wonderful and the lovely narraration is the best thing I've read since your introduction to John Waite's book!

Several years ago I attended a lecture and book signing by Asheville native John Ehle who, among other things, authored 'The Road', the historical novel centered on the building of the railroad up Old Fort Mountain. What stands out about that day (other than getting my copy of 'The Road' signed by the author) was Ehle addressing a question about one of his other mountain novels, 'The Winter People' which had been made into a somewhat mediocre movie. Ehle said, "The problem was that the film makers did not love and respect these mountain people."

Ken, your efforts keep Tweetsie's heart beating and bring this little mountain shortline alive for us in a way no amount of scholarly books or dusty stacks of photographs ever could (With apologies to John and Johnny who also clearly love their subject.). Your love and respect for these people is clearly evident and I am convinced that you are one of the good guys. I'm glad that you're here to do this for us.

Thank You,
David Pressley

Ken <> wrote:
Looks like the gang over at have gotten started on Mr. Crumley's scrapbooks online.

Looks like they are doing a bang-up job with it, especially the narration.

Keep watching, I am going to load them up.

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