Re: Dollywood VS Tweetsie

David Pressley


The sleeping giant was in the 'castle' up on top of the mountain. The 'castle' being the top station of the chairlift. They were going for kind of a fantasy land thing up on the mountain at the time.

Now with the whole 'mouse mine' theme the top station is made up to look more like the top of a mine shaft.

Like I say, the Tweetsie park itself is becoming the subject of nostalgic affection.


Jeff Sharpe <> wrote:
Off the subject, but if my memory serves me correctly, did Tweetsie ever
have a "Sleeping Giant" that layed in bed and snored? I remember in the
late 60's that we would go to Tweetsie and Cherokee and my parents would
tell me not to wake up the giant(made out of plaster or something) or
he'll come out and eat little scared me to death! Was that
at Tweetsie or in Cherokee? I do have a lot of good memories as a boy
going up to Tweetsie and watch the cowboy's and Indian's fight it out!

Sorry for the off the subject.


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