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Jim King <jking@...>


The "eastern model RR manufacturer" is me. Fred asked me about the car and I
asked for some marketing info. He's posting this note to the HOn3, EBT and
one other list. Although I'm now primarily in On3, I'll still make HOn3 cars
if there is interest. I've been told a market still exists for a series of
urethane boxcars to compliment Dave Hoffman's wood/brass kits of a few years

BTW, the On3 37' ET flat should start shipping later this month. I'll only
make about 100 kits for the first batch and many are already reserved. Pass
the word to get them while still available.

Thanks for watching the lists for us all!

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works

Rick Blanchard wrote:

From: Rick Blanchard <>

Hi folks,

This was on the HOn3 list and thought it might play better here:

Date: Mon, 04 Jan 1999 12:31:08 -0500
From: Phread <>
Subject: [HOn3]: ET & WNC RR Piggyback flats


How many out there in narrow gauge land would be interested in kits for
the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina RR "Piggyback" flatcars?
This car is being considered by an Eastern Model RR manufacturer, but he
needs some idea of a market before proceeding with the project, and
since I'm one of those who asked, he has asked me to conduct a bit of a
survey for him. Please respond Off-List to me at



Rick Blanchard
San Diego, CA

My East Tennessee and Western North Carolina web site:

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