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Sent this message out a couple of days ago. I made the mistake of
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This was in response to the EBT combine 16 message.

Funny you should mention Allaire State Park as the location of EBT combine
16. Allaire also has ET&WNC boxcar 434. Restoring that car would just
about require it to be stripped to frame and rebuilt. It also has no brake
rigging and sits on other than original trucks. As of last March or so, it
was still there.

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'Thought some of you might be interested in this that was in the latest
edition of the Timber Transfer, the publication of the Friends of the East
Broad Top. My editing emphasises the reference to Tweetsie....

December 1998

Work Continues on Restoration Projects
Combine No. 16

Dave Bucher, coordinator of the work on the reproduction trucks for
No. 16, reports that delivery of the fabricated journal boxes has been
delayed until after the New Year. Trail Tool - the contractor responsible
for this work informed Dave that work on the journal boxes has slowed due
to vacations and the holidays. Once work on the journal boxes is
FEBT will have acquired all major components of the reproduction truck
Dave is now obtaining up-to-date quotations for the cost of assembling the
reproduction truck frames.

(The original truck frame leased from the Tweetsie Railroad and used as a
template for the Combine No. 16 truck project must also be reassembled so
that the leased trucks can be returned to North Carolina.)

Once again, the funds available in 1999 (and future years) from donations
to the FEBT Restoration Fund will determine the pace of work on the
reproduction truck frames as well as on Combine No. 16 itself.
Combine No. 16 is stored at Allaire State Park, by arrangement with the
Jersey Museum of Transportation. FEBT members who are interested in
helping us complete this stage of work on the trucks or in future work on
the baggage passenger combination car should contact

Dave Bucher
1409 Dodd Drive
Downingtown PA 19335
Telephone: (610) 518-2244

(In case any of your is interested and doesn't already know about it, you
can get info on the FEBT:

C/o Ruth H. Kosowski
RR I Box 966
Three Springs PA 17264

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