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There is a video source for standard gauge steam on the ET&WNC. It is
Steam Shortlines Southern Style, available from A&R Productions. it has
about 15 minutes of ET in the 60s. It shows the Johnson City yards and
Bemberg well. Their Number is 800 246 5898. We(the ET&WNC RR Historical
Society) worked with them to produce a narrow gauge video set 4 years
ago.(Has it been that long?) Time does fly.
Johnny Graybeal
President, ET&WNC RR Historical Society

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List Members,

Hello, my name is MIchael Baskette. I'm a model railroader in Lexington, KY
a former a native of Johnson City Tennessee. I saw you had created this
list on
the Slim Rails Web site, and figured I'd join in. I am primarily a
modeler, but am currently planning a large switching layout of Johnson City
in the mid to late 1960's. Included will be the E.T. & W.N.C. from J.C.
Elizabethton. I figure this location and era gives my a unique opportunity
run second generation EMD power on the CRR and Southern portions and steam
the E.T.& W.N.C. up to 1968 and Alco's after that. Anyway, as you can
my primary interests in the Tweetsie are it's standard gauge years. Hope
not taboo. So far I have aquired photos of all the standard guage locos
operated in the 1960's steam and diesel, and USGS topo maps of JC and Eliz.
figured this group might have insight into other questions. Recently
and possibly of interst to some of you is a large number of CRR waybills
freight traffic originating or terminating in Johnson City. Many are for
delivered to or loaded in Elizabethton and interchanged to/from the ET&WNC.
list the industries who either loaded or recieved the cars. Again these
are for
the 1960's so may be of limited appeal. Anyway, hope to get to know you

Mike Baskette

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